Female students can apply for this international $7,000 grant

Planning to study business? This grant can help you pay for your education

If you are a female student studying Business you can apply for this scholarship offered by Zonta International

So you’ve enrolled with a traditional or online university and you’re planning to get a scholarship to pay for your tuition. That’s actually a great plan to have, but before you start looking for sponsorship for your college education online or offline listen to this.

You need to be very wary, as you might encounter a wide variety of scholarship scams out there, and sometimes it might not be that easy to identify them. One thing to remember is that you should never asked for money or financial information when you apply for a grant. All legitimate scholarship programs seeking to fund your traditional or online university courses should be free to apply for, and the information regarding the steps you need to take to apply should be readily available online.

Sometimes while you’re looking for scholarships to fund your college education online or offline, you might receive an email out of the blue saying that you’ve been selected to receive a scholarship. If that happens to you, ask yourself this. Have you applied for this scholarship? If you haven’t, but received an email telling you that you will be awarded one, you should definitely view this as a big red flag. Try to remember this: you can only receive a grant if you applied to it. No opportunity is going to come to you out of the blue, while you sit on the sofa and eat popcorn.

Scammers might also say things like “we have exclusive access” to such and such information about scholarships, but no one has exclusive access to such information. This info should widely be available to anyone interested in getting money for college.

What they probably mean is that they can provide you with a list of scholarships you can apply to, but you can easily find your own scholarships to apply to – for free. Just fire up your browser and start researching. Sure it might take some time to find the right programs, but at least you won’t have to pay money on a service that provides you something you can get access to yourself.

Anyway, to get you on the right track below you can find a legit scholarship program which seeks to aid female students looking to complete a business degree.

Zonta International is offering 12 international scholarships worth $7,000 each and up to 32 district/region scholarships for the US which are worth $1,000 each.

In order to apply you need to comply with some criteria. For starts you need to be enrolled with a business or business-related program at an accredited university/college. You’ll be required to submit verification of current enrollment with the application materials.

Furthermore, applicants need to have achieved outstanding academic recording during their academic studies, including business-related subjects. Last but not least, they have to demonstrate important qualities like ambition, commitment to pursuing a career in business and initiative to be considered for one of the grants offered by Zonta International.


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