Online students can apply for these $1,000 scholarships at Bemidji State University

Scholarships for online students aren’t so common, but they exist

Online students might have to do some digging before they can find the scholarships specifically targeted at them. You can start with this one

A college or graduate school education can be costly for on-campus and distance learning students, but fortunately there are ways to help ease the burden of these hefty costs.

So how do you get financial assistance to help cover the costs of your online masters degree or bachelor program? The same as traditional students. First off you try and apply for financial aid at the university where you enrolled. However, you need to proceed with caution. Prospective distance learning students should first make sure a program is accredited by the Department of Education. If that’s the case, then the students are definitely eligible to receive federal funds.

Then there’s the decision of whether a student should enroll in a full online masters degree or bachelor or a part-time one. You see this could end up affecting the amount of financial aid you will ultimately get. So keep in mind that many online programs require students to meet credit-hour requirements to receive certain amount or types of aid.

The second route to getting the funding you need for college is to apply for scholarships. But keep one thing in mind. Yes, some scholarship providers are still hesitant about online education and while some scholarships are open to online learners enrolled in accredited programs, some are not.

Students should research beforehand to make absolutely sure they are eligible for a certain scholarship or risk wasting their precious time on an application that will never go through. It would be advised you acquaint yourself with scholarship search engines – which allow students to specify their individual circumstances and get the results that only match their specific criteria.

Anyway, to get you started on the road to getting a grant, here’s an example you might want to check out. The Bemidji State University located in Minnesota offers a wide range of scholarship options for online and distance learning students. These grants are awarded based on both need and merit and if you’re curious you can check out the database for more information.

For example, the university offers the Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship which is worth $1,000 and is targeted at distance learning students with junior or senior status.

Applicants need to be at least 25 years old to apply and have a minimum GPA of at least 3.0. To become eligible for the Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship your application also needs to include an essay in which you talk about your future educational goals and give some reasons as to why you should be awarded the scholarship.

As we mentioned above, the Bemidji State University also offers other scholarship opportunities like the Gladys McKinley Distance Learning scholarship for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in Teacher Education Degree Programs. This grant is also worth $1,000.

For students pursuing a business-related degree or professions, there’s the Michael McKinley Distance Learning scholarship which awards the same $1,000 sum. It’s awarded to students either at an undergraduate or graduate level.


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    1. Hi, Peter
      Thank you for me this the second time, My apology for no have done as to your expectation, However still I not do all right , please keep on post the help I probably need in the process?

      Thank you.


      1. Hi am hagenimana alexandre am rwandan i will be glad if u consider me and give me scholarship becouse i want to continue my studies for university so please help me am in needy of it i dont have access to pay tuition fees for university becouse of financial problems and am looking forward of reCeiving your good Response my phone number +250783261182

  1. thank for this information. there are a long time ago i’m looking a’s opportunity that you give. so that i need to our help.
    how can i apply to this bursary. i’m an ivorian, i want to know, if i can beneficy of this bursary.

  2. thank for this information. there are a long time ago i’m looking a’s opportunity that you give. so that i need to our help.
    how can i apply to this bursary. i’m an i abraham, i want to know, if i can benefit of this bursary

  3. Thank you for your advice let me take time to decide, I apply online because of lot of works I’m.engage to ,thank you.

  4. Hi my names are Musiime Ronald I would like to continue withe my study’s in Canada USA or Australia please help me get a scholarship to one of the listed countries. Thank you


  6. somali citizen well done, great chanace for me if I succees free scholarship opportunity
    so I would like to granted Dear scholarship sellection committee me my studying programe out of my country thanks

  7. l mean that if you give free
    scholarship to study masters
    degree in any business field
    and also I have BA degree in
    banking & finance. additionally
    l a financial problem to my
    education . really my mother
    teach me up to university as
    well as my father died when l
    was a child . it can be applied
    from Ethiopian. l get free
    chance in government
    university and l graduated
    from jijiga university in July 24
    2015 GC.

  8. M in south Africa also looking for any bursary that is available , just wanna keep continiung to my teaching courses ,thanx in advance

  9. Hi Peter
    My name is Grace Adoba from Ghana and I wish to further my education in Germany . Thank you. Hopeful to hear from you soon

  10. Hello i’m Annah Kagl from Papua New Guinea.
    I wish to further my studies with a degree in nursing .

    Hope to hear from you soon..
    May God Bless.

  11. I want to study in any university in any part of the world help I am from Ghana West Africa. my name is Christian Adiabo

  12. okay, actually am a kenyan persuing an education course.Am doing english and literature,if ican get a schorlarship, i will appreciate

  13. I’m Gediza van rooy I’ll be glad if u could give me this great opportunity to further my studies ..because I know with you my life will be better in future thank you

  14. Thanks for the opportunity
    Unreal need to get this dear I have alot to help my village mate they are low graduate that is primary level so I need masters so that I can get a good job to help them

  15. I already have a bachelor’s degree and will be most grateful if you can help award me a scholarship to pursuing a Master’s program. Thanks.

  16. I would be very grateful if u help me with the scholarship to be able to pursue my dream of becoming a chartered Accountant one day, I’m struggling to raise funds needed . You are my last hope. Please help me.

  17. I am a Nigerian based in Lagos(Nigeria). I wish to study medicine in America or Australia. If available for me in Kuwait or any Arab country. I will not mind. Kindly avail me with available Schorlarship.
    If God use you for this, it means you have made a potential Nobel Price winner in person of OLADIPO FAVOUR MIRACLE.
    If you have information for me do not hesitate to call this number 234 8029288924 or 234 9096122203

  18. This is IDOWU SAMUEL ADEKANYE from Nigerian i have my first degree Bsc Accounting. I need assistance to proceed on my Msc for grant

  19. Im from Zimbabwe. I have just completed a level and I would be happy if I get this scholarship..i have brilliant ideas but due to financial hardships, I not going anywhere

  20. Ohh I can’t wait to hookup a golden opportunity like this,thanks for your notification and I will be so glad when it comes right to me and right….Thanks so much.

  21. I am Bruce i will like to study further with scholarship at university or college even under companies but if i can able to study

  22. Am Gift in Uganda but would like to join and have a scholarship with you. I now hold a diploma in business administration but rather prefer for more studies with you. Am much humbled and prevented for your grant.

  23. Am Kalonzo Mutindi a Kenyan citizen .Am doing my first degree in Bachelor of sciences in Biology and i humbly request for you scholarship.Am totally requesting for you help please.

  24. I am Bawoke Gete Belete from Ethiopia. I learn in Materials Science and Engineering in Adama Science and Technology University. I have a good back ground. I want learn my master degree in abroad if you can please help me?

  25. I am Jennifer Ocansey from Ghana. I have a first degree in Social Sciences Education. I humbly request for your scholarship to continue my education.

  26. Good morning ! I’am student from Africa Mali, i do my licence this year , please I need your scholarship for contuns my study in chine , please help me

  27. Hi, Shelton Dimas here, and I’m looking for a scholarships, I’m going to graduate abroad, and I need your help, thank you

  28. thank you for this information.I need scholarship for online studies in the year 2019 for master degree.But I’m afraid I am unable to get the required I need a help.

  29. I am South Sudanese living in Nairobi Kenya, for studies but no scholarship to complete my degree.
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my need to you to assist me in order to pursued my education.

  30. I am from Commonwealth of Dominica. I am interesting in pursuing a bachelor in Social Work or a related field. grateful if you could assist with a scholarship.

  31. Am kenyan I completed my high school last year with my own effort, my parent doesn’t know more about education. And I wish to continue with my education please I need your assistance. I would like to be a tour guide

  32. Good pm/am sir david i am the first children to enter in colleges and my brother and my sis there are high school graduate and i high school graduates too and my average in high school is 100.2 and that was 2002 and so i need your help for my education assistance to gets my dream in my life.and im asking to you what the one thing i didnt know? Pls tell me early so i prefer myself just and case have a problem to my study.pls kindly responce this alma matter.and thank you for updating me information details.god bless

  33. I would like to express my humble appeal that I dearly need the scholarship so as to achieve my dream of attaining a degree through the distance learning program,thanks Harrison Ngumbao-KENYA

  34. Hi I am doing Office Management and Technology in South Africa, so am in need for a scholarship to proceed with my studies by next year my cell no 060 396 8908 I thank you in advance

  35. Good day, i am CHUIMEGNI SIEBADJI Nicaise , i have a Bachelor Degree in civil engineering, i wish to have a scholarship to study master degree in your school …I am a Cameroonian , i am 27. Expecting a prompt reply.

    Thanks and Regards !

  36. Good day, I am Samuel T.C. Gbinsay, I have a high school Certificate, I wish to have a scholarship to study BSc degree in International Technology (I.T.) in your school. I am a Liberian. Expecting a possible reply.

  37. I am a graduate of plateau state polytechnic.I studied Physics Electronics.I need a foreign scholarship to further my studies

  38. Iam Runnex from Zambia,Iam supposed to graduate in February coming at AIU with a MPH,but seem not likely because I still ow,the university outstanding tuition fees that l need to clear.I request that I be considered for scholarships.

  39. Hi Peter,
    I have tried studying for a degree online but my progress hit a rock because of one thing-money. With adequate funding I can fly to greater heights in education. I am a Kenya and have completed a certificate and a diploma through distant learning. I have the wisdom and what it takes to excel.

  40. I am come on a vert poor family so i need this Scholarship…and i would appreciate if u can help me.i want to do Logistics or any course on Engineering.and i am interested in Nursing

  41. Hi.
    My name is ghufran and i’m graduate in commerce . Now i got admison in universty for my further higher education but due to some financial crisis it’s very hard for me to bear my educational expensess. Anyone can help me how to get this scholarship? I badly need of it.
    How to register myself for this scholarship programs?

  42. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for following up. Could you please assist me in my applications for the scholarship. Thanks in advance .

    Warm regards,Ronoh

  43. I am Mamahlaku my son is pursuing clinical medicine in China can you assist him with sponsorship, he will start his second academic year in March 2018.

  44. Hi! Im Daryl, this coming 2018-2019 school year Im a newly student in college for my architectural course and really need a scholarship or a sponso to continue my study and to fullfill my dreams. Will you please help me in this financial problem.

  45. I need scholarships please help…….i need to a very very pore family
    Please help please please
    And I am from kajammu and kashmir

  46. I’m from south Africa an I would like to completed my course,, but I can only do that if you help me with your scholarship..

  47. Hi,
    I an Kelvin K. Cooper from the republic of Liberia West Africa, looking for scholarship to learn. Due to financial problem, I am not able to extend my education. I am asking you to please help me.

    Thanks for helping.

  48. I am Aidah from Kenya, and I would like to pursue community health development, at East Africa Institute of certified studies, Nairobi, am orphan I lost my parents when I was young,,am kindly requesting for your support,, kind regards Aidah.

  49. I am Haresh Kumar from Pakistan Sindh and i have compelted my graduation and i have electrical diploma so i want to further study at scholorship for B Tech……

  50. Hello Peter
    Im really interested with with scholarship,I hold Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering and wish to have a degree or master’s to be a lecturer ,kindly assist me please.

    Robert Koech

  51. Hi I’m Lavina from Kenya, im interested in education but because of luck of financial support I just did certificate course in human resource and management, but would like to go further, thanks

  52. I’m honoured .I did my diploma in hospitality and tourism management and I would love advance it to degree and even more but the problem is finance.kindly can get application form for scholarship …. please

  53. I am Natasha Tongo from Namibia. I want to study Dentistry but I do not have funds for the study. I am requesting to assisted with a scholarship to study dentistry at any recognized university. I will be very grateful if my request will be considered. Thank you.

  54. Dear sir !
    I’m coming to apply for a PhD scholarship in the field of humain ressources management. However I’m from Benin Republic and I did my studies in Abomey-Calavi university. I have obtained my master degree in local development since march 2017. I speak both English and French languages.
    I need a grant to complete my studies. I shall be happy to have a scholarship for on-campus learning. Thanks

  55. I’m Tanzanian youth who hold bachelor in Dar es Salaam may you include me to be among of benefited students i want to study in China for Masters of an Art

  56. I really want to learn ,but i have a single parent who want to help but no means to help….please help me to further my education

  57. Helo.! I really need to further my education in a better school and I believe if I am opportuned to have this scholarship my dreams will be achieved.. Please help me out..

  58. l mean that if you give free
    scholarship to study masters
    degree in any business field
    and also I have BA degree in
    Tourism Management. additionally
    l a financial problem to my
    education . really my mother
    teach me up to university as
    well as my father died when l
    was a child . it can be applied
    from Ethiopian. l get free
    chance in government
    university and l graduated
    from Gondar university in July 30
    2014 G.C.

  59. Dear sir
    I`m from Ethiopia and I have BSC degree in construction technology and management. if you give free
    scholarship to study masters
    degree in Highway engineering I really need to further my education. I am kindly requesting for your support. Thank you

  60. I south African and completed my grade 12 .
    I looking scholarship to do business administration please help

  61. Kindly please I really need this scholarship I want to continue with my line+260963432043. Thank you

  62. I need a education grant $1000 to pay for my fees at usp.I need your help..I’m taking certificate 3 in early childhood education. I’m from Fiji. Thank u

    1. How can I apply to get this education grant.pliz I rily need this to help me continue my education.

  63. Hi Peter and David am a kenyan and i really thank God for the great opportunity you granted me please I still need it dont snatch it away from me please thanks very much.

  64. I really want to study in Australia or Canada by scholarship.
    Please help I really need this scholarship for continues my study and also sport my family.

  65. hi my name is jemal from Ethiopia
    . i am very interested to continue my educational level in MBA ..please give me chacnces from the scholarship .thank you.

  66. Hello have done basic diploma in clinical medicine and surgery in Kenya and would like to do Bachelor of Medicine and surgery but iam suffering from financial problems.i will appreciate if i get a chance under full scholarship. Thank you

  67. greetings Sir/Ma, I really want to appreciate your team on the aid you are offering to people out there, God bless you all. My name is Chiamaka Duruaku from Nigeria with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and am 25 years of age. I humbly request for scholarship to study in Canada or Australia to further my education, i will appreciate it if my request is granted


  69. It will be a privilege for me to study at your university. I am a student of accounting wishing to extend my education foundation or build my human capacity as young man who have passionately about education. It is my hope and prayer that you grant me admission in to your university.

  70. Eu preciso tanto ganhar esta bolsa. uma vez que quero dar o meu contributo e o meu melhor nesta instituição

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