The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation awards a $40,000 grant to students in financial need

Demonstrate acute financial need and get this 40K grant

It’s not easy to pay for college these days, but the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation can help you fulfill your dreams

University tuition fees keep rising relentlessly in many countries across the globe, especially in the US. On average, undergraduates have to pay 40% more in tuition that they did 10 years ago. This alarming trend has probably put off a lot of students from enrolling with an offline or online university.

Under these less than auspicious conditions, what is a student to do? Renounce his or her ambitions at enrolling with an offline or online degree and pursue something else? But without a degree from a traditional or online university you are doomed to a life of low wages and no advancements in career.

Which is why you need to seek alternative ways to pay for college. For example, you might want to seek a sponsorship or apply for a few scholarships. Your offline/online degree journey would go a lot smoother if you have the financial aspect taken care of.  You won’t have to worry about paying for the degree and be able to concentrate on the important part – acquiring the knowledge and doing the work. But how can you do that when you know you have a massive debt hole you need to cover?

So listen to us when we tell you need to start looking for scholarships. Start with asking at your university whether they have any funding opportunities. If they do try and apply, if they don’t know fire up your browser, because the world wide web is rich in opportunities of all kinds.

Here’s an apt example – the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is looking to award a scholarship to students looking to attend a full four-year program at an accredited offline or online institution. With this scholarship program, chances might be in your favor as the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation will select up to 40% of applicants to become scholars and have access to funding.

Surely enough, there’s some selection criteria that needs to be taken into consideration like it’s the case with all major scholarships. So at a minimum, candidates need to have a GPA of 3.5 or above, as well as a SAT combined critical reading and math score of 1200 or above and/or ACT composite score of 26 or above.

Applicants must demonstrate acute financial need, and only students who come from families with income up to $95,000 will be considered.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation will award up to $40,000 a year, which is very generous compared to other scholarship programs out there. On top of that, candidates aren’t obliged to be pursuing a certain area of study. All students (in financial need) are welcome to apply.  Each year 30-40 scholarship awardees will be selected.

The deadline for sending in the application materials is November 14, 2017 so if you want a chance to win this grant you best hurry up and start putting your documents together.

This is a great scholarship opportunity, but don’t forget you need to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in order to be accepted as an applicant.


224 Replies to “The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation awards a $40,000 grant to students in financial need”

    1. Glad to hear this, I’m a needy medical student, currently beginning my degree in pharmacy in the University of Nairobi, please grant me this help.

  1. Good afternoon…. I really need your financial aid in all ways…. I will be grateful if I get a positive response…. Thank you for your time….

  2. I will really appreciate if i get capital to establish my dream business and create job opportunities in my society. Thank you!

  3. Hi sir I am Jutowo J. Dolo form Liberia a student at Atlantic International University in Honolulu Hawaii seeking for a scholarship to my study in development economic at both master and PhD level . sir I am stranded in tuition payment .
    Thank you .

  4. Please for me I would like to persue an undergraduate degree so I don’t have the GPA but I have good high school grades please help if possible and I will be great full

  5. Thx so much fr the programme am yona from Uganda seeking fr help I v a deplome in nursing n I v a dream of reaching masters and in need of sponsorship from jack Kent foundation n family fr yo support .God bless u all.

  6. Hi, i thank you for the opportunity provided and will be very grateful if my application is put under grate consideration. Thank you

  7. Hello, am adah from uganda a midwife and trying to parsue a bachelor’s degree in midwifery but with not tution.
    I do request for your support.

    Yours faithful.

  8. Hi, I am James gengah, I really need assistance since I lost all my parents and am not able to raise enough fund to further my study to be able to take care of my siblings whom am left with after my father died on January 7th,2010

  9. I would like you to help me in my undergraduate studies. I have interest in computer security. My parents are not financially stable for my studies. I will be very grateful if you grant me the help. Thank you.

  10. Good evening.
    I am Mayol Chol Mayol from South Sudan.I am requesting honestly to consider me in the scholarship of 2018.I have been admitted by Future university in Egypt [ FUE] since 2014 but have not attended classes as a result of our country civil war which has caused economic catastrophe making it difficult for students whose families do not afford studies in single year to further their studies.

  11. Hello?
    I am Jean Paul Biotechnologist student in fourth year or last year for getting Bachelor as a Rwandan/ from Rwanda.

    I will be more grateful to get this opportunities you provide, this should support me as now I am supported by our government.

    Blessing from Almighty continue to bless all this kind of volunteer action you are doing for our friends

  12. Hi, i dropped university because of lack of tuition fees but i have above GPA of 3.5 …assist me to get this scholarship i am in Rwanda

  13. Hello everybody! i’m Amanuel from Ethiopia, i realy need your financial support. if you are volunteer please encourage me.

  14. I Studied Management and Public Administration with BBA degree, and I need financial support to enable Me further my Education, I am from Liberia.

  15. Thanks you so much for sending me guidline for the scholarship.Personally i am also a typical orphan or may above 18 years of age of which by the law can stated that a person of above 18 years of age is not anorphan, but still i tried to look for tuition fees for my self for further studies but, i failed yet i have portential of being enroll for education so i hope for any well wisher to grant me any necessary support only in line of education.
    Thanks may the love of God bless you all.I studied Gender and Development with Diploma and i enrolled for a BPA degree in Gulu University Uganda i admited , and i need financial support to enable me further studies, i am from Uganda

  16. I am Nwokedi,Chinonye Louis seeking a scholarship programme to enable me further my studies on MSc Microbiology. Thank u and remain blessed.

  17. Am Olive from Kenya.I really need to study but am unable because of finances. I come from Kenya.I have already completed my high school education and diploma in a college.Please help.

  18. I am Eric Akuffo Densu from Ghana and I have completed Accra Technical University in mechanical engineering and wish to offer master in ur institution but the assces is not there fully so if you people can grant me a scholarship it will be my great pleasure.

  19. I am also looking for scholarship to pursue my masters degree program . l have a degree IN development studies and public administration.

  20. I will really be happy when I will see that you have made me to achieve my dream .looking forward for your response .Thanks

  21. I wish to improve my qualifications and study with one of the institutes that you will be able to help me with finance. I would be very glad for your assistance

  22. i would be really glad for your assistance due to the fact that am a single parented orphan having a mother who stopped work a time ago and have bothers and sisters who are basically doing nothing and so need to advance my qualifications. your humble gesture will be highly appreciated

  23. Dear sir/madam
    I wish to upgrade my qualification, in one the University. please help me Finance assistance. I have hopefully for your assistance.

  24. Dear /Madam
    I would like you to help me with the scholarship because my parents could not afford to pay for my tuition fees. I would be glad when you are going to help me.

  25. Dear concerned,
    I need scholarship to pursue my at Kenyatta University, Nairobi Kenya. My phone no. +254703686833

  26. Great full Thanks, i have’t a words to express you unreserved assistance
    i look forward and don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks again

  27. I am Geremew. I have BA degree in economics with CGPA 3.77. my family have no monthly income. i am seeking for your help & cooperation for my change of life. I have dream to become educated person my family & who need such alike help.

    thank your for your considerations & best regards,

  28. I would be very grateful if you could help me towards my post graduate education. i really need your assistance. Thank you

  29. am pursing my undergraduate in computer science majoring in software engineering i would be grateful if you grant me the chance to pursue my masters in software engineering in 2018

  30. Please for me I would like to persue an undergraduate degree in law/human rights but I don’t have the GPA but I have good high school gradesand please i need your help and I will be great full when responded.

  31. Hello,I would be very grateful if my desire to get to PhD level in agriculture would be made successful , because I have the zeal to change my country through the use of agriculture which God has granted to Africa especially Nigeria
    Thank you in anticipation

    1. i am Samuel, a first degree graduate BA Integrated Management Studies from the University for Development Studies Ghana wanting to pursue a second degree in financial management from Robert Godern University in UK but i’m financially constraint. Please i will be much grateful if my application for your kind grant is given a kind consideration. looking forward for your help thank you.

  32. Hallo I am really need help for my studies,that opportunity will change my life to good condition,please help me I am in Leaotho

  33. I am kindly looking for your assistance to help me further my studies in Psychology.Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  34. I’m really on the need of full funded scholarship… I don’t have parents. And am a smart girl who likes studying.. Please help me for that because I need to study pharmaceutical science .
    Thank you.

  35. Hi, my name is Berhanu Tafese and I study DVM in jimma university of Ethiopian. I will be very happy,grateful and thankfull if you support me finantial aid for further DVM study.

  36. I will be very happy to get this grant because without such aid, I will be able to realize my dream of higher learning. Thank you

  37. Despite where ever I am staying or doing for a living, I shall never ever give up with my long term goals to pursue my dreams to excel to my highest educational qualification of academic excellence which only God knows, for as long as I am given a golden chance in a scholarship, I shall prove my real worth!

  38. Hello, I am seriously in need of your scholarship, I am a first year student in a university in Kenya and recently I have come through a lots of trouble in terms of fee payment my parent have struggle soo much to bring me to where I am they have sold almost all of their properties and I was seek if I would be granted this opportunity to easy the burden to my parents. Thanks

  39. hy i here by LAWAL SALISU need your schoorlership through how i develop my self and other’s society in the world thank you. Wish you all the best

  40. Hi Im here in Hongkong,i want to continue my study as a BSEed,and i want also to go to a bible school to learn more,on how to reach out people..please help me to continue my goal in life..Thanks

  41. Gallo
    I’m undergraduate! I complete my Grade 12 this year 2017 and I need your help to fulfill my Pilots license,I really want to be a Pilot

  42. Good day

    Thank you for this program I really need to further my studies in electrical engineering butI dont have money to do that I just wish if you can help me.

    I ran away from political issues in Zimbabwe and I am now living in South Africa as an assylum seeker.
    Please if you can help fund my education I am disadvantaged someone .

  43. I am Desalegn . I have BA degree in economics . my family have no monthly income. i am seeking for your help & cooperation for my change of life. I have dream to become educated person my family & who need such alike help.

  44. Hi am Henry William a holder of diploma in clinical medicine. Would wish to pursue a degree in medicine at St George University in the UK. I humbly request if I would be given grant to help me in paying the fee. Thanks

  45. My father was passed away in 2009 my is not working and I need to study but I don’t have money,I’m coming from the poor family

  46. My dream always is to finish exelent school for sure if I get opportunity I can do my best to get bright future with environment and society support to all I am supposed for .

  47. hi, i am martin kasera from namibia, i am undergraduate, i matriculated this year 2017 and i want to further my studies in radiography but i don’t have money to do that. both my parents are dead and the is no one to pay for my studies. iam afraid that next year i might sit at home. I really need your help, please assist me if it is possible.

  48. Hello. Thanks for this opportunity.
    I’m an undergraduate student and will complete school this academic year 2017-2018. I wish to be granted the opportunity to have a bachelor’s degree through the grant of your scholarship in my field which is business law and administration.

  49. Hi am David ,completed the teacher training diploma with a third class. l want to know how i can be considered and also qualified for any any course within my capabilities.

  50. Hello,
    Am Solomon Ocweo from Northern Uganda. I completed my diploma in Accounting and would wish to pursue a degree but being constaint by financial problems. I would be humbled by these precious opportunity. And i promise to do my best.

  51. I am kindly looking for a scholarship to further my education in medicine abroad , and will be so much so please to see that happens .

  52. Hi, I’m DINAH, I have a bachelor Degree in Community and Development waiting to graduate and still want to pursue Masters in Health Promotion and don’t have funds and still have fees balance. So help me get the chance. Thank you

  53. Hello…please help me.I really need this grant. I have been raised by one parent but she is struggling with the tuition for my education.I’m patiently waiting for you pleasing response

  54. Sir, I am a student of class 11th (mathmetics).
    My study is carry on in Poor and back ward aria but my study is not. I always try to participate in international level exams but my economical situation is not allow to pay the fee and to pay the travelling expenses. I have passed high school exam with 89.3percent this year. So sir please help me, so that I may also show what is in me.
    Surely, it is need to me.

  55. Shalom
    am hillary kitomary from TANZANIA i real need this chance for i failed to join my university studies due to financial problems i was selected to join UDSM undertking BA. Blessed

  56. Please I need funds to support my education here in Uganda

    My humble prayer is that you support me in any possible means
    Much obliged

  57. I will be happy if you grant me the opportunity. I will thank God for you and pray for more blessings.I am an orphan who needs help. Please consider me.

  58. Please, I am really interested in this scholarship scheme. I am Chukwu Chidinma Beauty. Seriously expecting updates and other information on how to apply. Thank you.

  59. Am so interested and so happy to have this opportunity of applying for my scholarship. I will be thankful if i will be accepted. From zambia, regards Gift.

  60. hello ,i really need this financial help to support my education..i will be glad if i can get this scholarship..thanks.

  61. Hi, names are Mwape shadreck a frm Zambia i possess a diploma in biomedical sciences and i would love to do a degree in any health science programme no I don’t have resources to do that. Plz help

  62. Am daniel maina from kenya studing water resource technology and management seeking a fund to make the world move for better future

  63. I am Reuben ochenge miyogo from Kenya. I will be very happy to have a grand from shell and a scholarship for further studies in electrical and electronic technology.
    I hope you will offer me this grant and Scollaship. My cell phone is 0728614361.You can also use this e mail address for you response.
    Thanks in advance yours faithfully,

  64. Hi sir, my name is Hannah from Nigeria. Please I need your support to further my university education because I have no sponsor please assist me. Thanks!

  65. Dear Sir/Ma,
    I would really be glad to get this scholarship.I have earned a bachelor’s degree in building engineering.I would need a scholarship to study for a masters degree.
    I have no funds at present and I long for more education and knowledge so as to impact others.I also have no sponsors and no one to look up to.l lost my father several years ago and my mother who painstakingly supported me through my undergraduate studies is no longer in a position to help me.Besides,the responsibility of raising my younger siblings now rest on me.
    I look forward to your kind response. Thank you.

  66. Am linet . I would be very glad to get this sponsership for my education.iam an orphan and i would like to persue degree in mass communication

  67. Thanks very much for the aid I’m Fadhili Daimon Mwaipasi from Tanzania, I would like to get the aid from you, but unfortunately I feel like I have no qualification because my GPA is 3.3 from university of Dar es salaam in Tanzania

  68. Thank you so much for yours willingness inviting me for improving my qualification for better visa assistances. And I am eager to join yours i nstitutions.

  69. I come from a needy family and I will be glad to get this scholarship to further my studies. I am a first year and I really need assistance to carry on with my studies. May God grant me this opportunity.

  70. I am also looking for scholarship to pursue my masters degree program . l have a degree BA on Economics. I would really be glad to get this scholarship. BLESS YOU!

  71. I’m james Akoy from SOUTH SUDAN looking for scholarship to further my education in survey since am done with high school but the only obstacle right now is finance .i really need education to make change in my life and that of my country in many areas…. God bless you. hoping to hear from you soon

  72. Hi. I’m currently studying at Tshwane university of Technology doing my second year, in SA and I’m raced by a single blind parent, I would be very happy if I get grant fund to further my studies.

  73. Dear sir/Madam,
    I’m eager to get a scholarship, cause I want to further my level of education. Thank you for your kind understanding.

  74. Hi, I’m grateful for your information on scholarships. My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry, age 43 years from Solomon islands.
    I’m graduated in leadership and management and diploma in Small Business management in Australia in 1994.

    Please offer me or assist me get a scholarship to study for degrees in these areas and mostly in Social justice amid psychology.

    thank you very much.

    Clotilda Claudia Harry

  75. Hello…… I really need your financial help so that I can continue my studies in 2019… I’ll be grateful if I’ll get a chance

  76. I’m nokwazi ngcobo aslo would like to further my studies so I would be grateful if I get this grant opportunity

  77. Please do award me with this scholarship i beg of you..but i am not requesting for an online school but rather an off line school

  78. Good day, Sir/Madam:

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity.

    Am from Ghana and I studied HND in Marketing at Koforidua Polytechnic now Koforidua Technical University in 2014 with Second class upper of 3.520 CGPA.

    I really want to continue and do either CIM or degree in Marketing or another related area of study but because of financial constraints am unable to continue.

    Hope I can get support from your scholarship.

    Many Thanks!

  79. Am ssemujju kasimu from uganda and have complèted my high school 2016 with very good grades and would like to get sponsore under the course Architecture,I will be glad to hear from you
    Thank you

  80. Am a male ugandan aged 20 and am doing science of matter specialising in pharmaceutical chemistry in AIN TEMOUCHENT UNIVERSITÉS Algeria,and would like to do a masters degree come 2021,I will be glad for any updates in advance Thanks

  81. Am a female ugandan aged 19 ,hereby request for a scholarship to pursue a degree in any business course available,I finished with high school in 2016 with good grades ,am ready to respond any time contacted in,thx

  82. I will like to give my sincere thanks to the management and staff of this organisation its really a good idea brought but them to help we the student that are not financially strong.
    In that light am kindly asking for u help because i need it, now that i can not support my self to further my education please help me.
    Thank u.

  83. Dear Sir/Madam

    Grateful for this opportunity to pay for my Honorary Doctorate which was awarded to me by the International University of Morality in Florida(a Christian University). The cost of the award is US1,000 which i cannot afford.grateful for your help.
    Peter Fraser

  84. i am Ethiopian, I need financial support to learn abroad in masters in public health so pleas help me with your financial support.

  85. My name is Assan Cham I lives in the Gambia west Africa.I always dream about studying aboard by scholarships and how can you assist me

  86. Hello,

    I am Wyeth Javier from Philippines,,I have 2 kids and presently pregnant but I want to continue my studies this coming school year next year..please help me and my husband finance my studies in college, in order for us to raise our children well.

    Thank you so much

  87. dawns of hope
    i am infavour of it,due to financial limitation i am no doing my far reached researches. please be with me & my dream true. studying medicine in Ethiopia

  88. Hello,
    I am a hustler who tows to see that I step in class, my parents weak, sick and all they is bless me, if this one of the blessings I would be glad if u grant me scholarship
    Thank you

  89. Peace Be Upon Everyone I Anxiously Request For This Offer Because The Health Status Is Alarming In My Community I Want To Study Bachelors In Medicine So Help Me Because Am Financially Unstable

  90. Hello, my name is Bamwesigye Frank from Uganda, i come from a family of 6 siblings and i have both my dad and mum but am the first born so having completed my undergraduate degree with a CGPA of 3. 98, in procurement and supply chain management, i couldn’t do my masters degree because my parents are struggling to pay tuition for my younger sisters and brothers. I will therefore be very glad and grateful if you grant me the opportunity to not only help myself but also the rest of my family once i have completed the studies

  91. its really a debt of gratitude of mine sir/maam ,,I’m from Philippines,,,hopefully i can avail this scholarship ,,coz i really want to pursue and continue studies after 10yrs of stopping due to financial problem that cant support my studies anymore ..

  92. Hello and good afternoon to you, i am imanu Gidie from the remote part of papua new guinea have a genuine interest to persue studies at the university but lack in financial assistance..
    Please help with the scholarship

  93. Dear sir/madam
    I just completed one of the nursing training colleges in my country but wants to impact more knowledge and give back to society. Your scholarship program and grants will go a long way to help me gain admission into one of the universities to actualised my dreams. I count on your usaul consideration.

  94. Bulizzo Alex from Uganda,I request to be sponsored in master of agriculture food security,nutrition,pathology,crop protection,plant breeding,or economics

  95. Hi i,m Malebakeng Modisaesi i,m currently studying Bachelors degree in community health ,nursing management and nursing education ,can u please help me with the scholarship

  96. I need your kind help to further my study and have a good life in future.
    I am kindly need your aid to assist my toward my education and life a better life in future

  97. Thanks for your kind I am please to hear from your sooner.
    Thanks for your commitment towards helping young people like myself I am greatly appropriate the aid and trust that you will help me towards a better future in my life.
    Thanks inadvance.

  98. I truly need this offer and I would like to further my studies and with your help I know that I can make it

  99. Im at the edge of droping out of college yet it’s my final year, your support can rescue me…Anthony Binali ( 5th year student @-the polytechnic, a constituent college of the university of malawi)


  101. Hi am Ntanda Esau from Uganda, I want to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering but I don’t have tuition totally, its too much to be afforded by me, please some one to help me, I know am late to apply but I have just seen it. May God reward you

  102. Greetings. I am Thabiso Charles Ndwandwe from South Africa. I been doing N3 and N4 level in Berea Technical College and passed exceptionally well in Electrical Engineering Heavy Current in 2017. I have just been accepted at the European University of Lefke in North Cyprus, Turkey. Please help with funding.

  103. Hello, I would like to ask for your help so that I can be able to finish my finish my studies which is taking my degree in human resource management which I have admired for a long time. This will be the greatest gift I will give to my dad hence I promised him. Thanks in advance.

  104. Hi this is nthabiseng mlambo I have received your email saying that i have been granted this scholarship…i really appreciate it and i would like you to send me more information and help me with the application.

  105. Hi this is nthabiseng mlambo I have received your email saying that i have been granted this scholarship…i really appreciate it and i would like you to send me more information and help me with the application.My number is 0719663970

  106. Hi my name is Karabo Zwane. I saw one sponsorship from the US that sponsors artist to study abroad. I would like to know more as i am supposed to be leaving by July to go to the US for Auditions at Walt Disney but only shot sponsors. Please help

  107. Thanks for the information.I really appreciated.Help me to get one scholarship.Iam from Vanuatu and wish to complete my course in Management.Glad to hear from you.

  108. I am a Zambian girl and completed my secondary education in 2017. Both parents died when i was young and so my grandparents paid for my school fees. I am looking forward to study medicine however, i my grandparents have failed to pay for me due to lack of finances and so please i am asking for your help so that i pursue my career.

  109. Hi!
    Am from Tanzania. My family a poor l have one parent ..l real need you’re foundation to help me so as l can get to finish college and help my family and other people like me

  110. I am Oladipo Oluwasayo GH from Nigeria,, I am a registered nurse and I am hoping to do my BSc program, I would be glad if your foundation can help me,,, thank you

  111. hi am mugisha olivier from Rwanda kigali i finish the high school but i cant manage to go to univasty be couse of money please i need a help ?of schoolship thank you

  112. Hello am Agnes, I’ve completed high school buh due to financial problems I can’t further my education. Can you please help me? Thank you

  113. Hi my Name is Nikita De Wee from South Africa my mother is a single parent of two. I matriculated last year and would like to do a 1 year Air hostes cause at Damelin College.

  114. I would like get scholarship to study Either English Language or Economics,
    i wish my remark will give a flawless pleasure as soon as possible.

  115. I m in need of financial help to study my graduates if u would help me thn i ll be able to do something in life.. please help me!

  116. I thanks for your support and good services I would like to get scholarship which could help me to reach my destination

  117. Sir/madam, i would really appreciate it if you could help. I’m a student at the University of Limpopo, studying BA Communication Studies. I’m struggling with getting/finding a bursary to fund my studies. NSFAS kept beating about the bush last year with no eagerness to help me. They kept telling me different answers every time I contacted them. Please, this scholarship would help me a lot, since my family is under a lot of strains financially. My parents are both unemployed and as for brother and sisters are also unemployed due to no higher education.

  118. Hello
    I’m really looking forward to get your assistance in my studies. Kindly update me on the requirements for scholarship applications.
    Thank you

  119. My name is Salima Tigga . I”m studying 2nd year of 3 year General Nursing and Midwifery course in Andhra Pradesh India. I’ve no help from any sources . My parents live in abject poverty. This scholarship will help me to finish my education against all odds. Kindly help me to have this scholarship.

  120. Thank you and sincerer greeting to you.I am happy and glad to apply for scholarship to pursue my educational program.I am Sheriffo Mboge from the Gambia West Africa.I have compketed my primary teacher certificate ,Higher teacher certificate at Shool of Education Gambia College with CGPA of 3.67.I am also youth Youth Chairperson National Youth Council under North Bank youth committe.Given me scholarship would ago a long way in bossing my dream and contribute to National development.thank you

  121. I am Cynthia, I need You to help me finance my education, dad is retired and things are no good presently.

  122. I’m Yano kimutai luka from Kenya and wish to study masters in physics. I am financially unstable so looking forward to you offering me a scholarship to accomplish my dreams.

  123. Hi iam a young Kenyan student and i would like to join pan African Christian University for my certificate course there iam requesting any financial assistance I’ll highly appreciate

  124. Hello,i need your admission to continue my further studies,i’m kind of ambitious student.I got my bachelor in engineering in eritrean institute of technology.I’m in need of fully funded ms scholarship.

  125. Am relly so stranded with tuition
    but am willing to persue edution at whatever level
    am available at 0755734531 for more discusions

  126. Hi, I might be getting this tear-wiping offer a bit late, but, i still just have to tender my candidature and availability for i’m in dying need of someone to get me out of this wilderness i’ve been wondering in for decades now. pls i need you to bail me out with this chance. THANKS

  127. I want to study more, but my parents are not letting me do that. They don’t wanted me to study more. Can you please help me with this……….

  128. When you will get me grant then I can feel very better for my future.because I want to become a doctor but my parent is not able to learn please, get me grant

  129. Good day sir madam im a Namibian citizen residing in walvis bay in Namibia i have been working in the marine ship repair industry for 9 year’s i got retrenched in 2016 and went back 2017 as a fix term contractor please assist me in getting a bursary even 20 to 30 grand shall do since i wana uprade my studies which i wana do in South Africa

  130. hello am realy i need of this opportunity and its always in my dream and i want you to make my dream come true Am Denis Enock Martin From south sudan intrested in studying international relations and diplomatic studies thanks and nice to hear from you

  131. I Timothy beg for your scholarship please am undergraduate at presbyterian university of east Africa.Am persuing a degree in education 2nd year.Thank you

  132. I’m really in need of schooleraship but I’m a Kenyan ,will I qualify for the criteria?
    I had c plain in my k.c.p.e will I qualify?

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