College is expensive, so LendEDU is giving away a $1,000 scholarship

Don’t know how you will pay for college? LendEDU wants to help

Paying for college is becoming an increasingly difficult task, but with the help of scholarships you might be able to succeed without depleting all your finances

Students who have finished high school have to make a choice: do they enroll with a university degree or decide to pursue something else? A full bachelor degree takes four years to complete, but if you’re eager to enter the work force sooner, you might want to consider enrolling with an offline or online associate degree.

For those who don’t know, an associate degree is a type of postsecondary offline or onlinedegree program which earns you a diploma rated higher than a high school diploma, but is on a lower level than one obtained through a bachelor degree.

The greatest advantage of an offline or online associate degree is that it can be completed within two years, although some accelerated programs that can be completed in less than a year also exist. What’s more, some schools offer credit for work experience, so working students enrolled with an associate offline or online degree program are at an advantage.

Two-year degrees are available with community colleges, traditional universities, vocational schools, and trade schools. And many of these institutions will offer students the option to either attending a campus-based program or earning their degree online.

There are many reasons why you should enroll with an associate degree, except the fact that it takes half the time to complete. For example, a two-year degree can lead to better job prospect, a higher salary and provide the occupational training you need to enter a specific business field.

On top of that, associate degrees are cheaper, so you’ll be able to pay for them faster. If you win a scholarship or two, you’ll be able to kiss your financial worries goodbye in no time.  Not all scholarships welcome associate degree students to apply, but those who do are pretty common-place. Here’s an example.

The LendEDU scholarship is available for high school seniors or full college students who have maintained a minimum 2.5GPA in high school or college. The scholarship is worth $1,000 and will be awarded to two students.

In order to be eligible to receive the grant money, students are required to write a 750-word (or less) essay which answers the following question:

“With more people taking on student debt to pay for college and record high default rates, what do you think can be done to improve the financial literacy of our nation’s young adults to help this problem?”

You have until October 15, 2017 which doesn’t leave you a lot of time to come up with the essay, but a quick brain storming session should supply you with the necessary ideas to complete the task.

Once you are done, check LendEDU’s website and fill in your Name and Email and then paste in your essay. Or you can just attach the file in .doc(x) format. Then you keep your fingers crossed in hopes you’ll get chosen as the winner.


321 Replies to “College is expensive, so LendEDU is giving away a $1,000 scholarship”

  1. Am in need of this scholarship please help so that I can pursue my bachelor degree in agricultural extension

  2. i am a very talented athlete who wants to become a professional athlete. i am good in a number of sporting disciplines. i really need a scholarship to pursue my dream. Please help me

  3. …You have until October 15, 2017 which doesn’t leave you a lot of time to come up with the essay,….. – I only received this today??? 25/10/2017

  4. i misaw gashaw adugna i have bsc degree in agriculture and MBA in business administration so i have to get free scholarship in agriculture in masters and phd in business administration

  5. Am very glad to writ this willing to you, please help me to developing my talent that i have in teaching younger children(early childhood education). i will be happy when my request considered.

  6. I don’t know where to start from but please help me my financial status is not stable at all i have been studying hard in my secondary education and now I’m done no money for high school that is form 5&6 in my country so please I enquire so much this scholarship for the sake of my family and future. Z

  7. I am interested I this scholarship.if I found this scholarship this will achieve my goals I really needed this scholarship please gives me and I am from Pakistan.I want to do nursing form your college or university.I have pass 12 class

  8. I really need this scholarship so that I can reach my destination,my passion and my dream of being a teacher…I would be very glad if you can help me and I’m looking forward to hear from you…Thank you

  9. I know many people have applied in order for them to get a chance to upgrade there studies… Am just hoping to get an opportunity for a full scholarship at your University

  10. I am the only son who is the first to attain my highest academic level of study, and this is high school advanced level, I always prayed for any opportunity, to rise my dreams higher, I want to be a change maker in our family, and the entire community

  11. i want to ME scholarship out of pakistan so please help me… now i will complete my BE computer system engg in end of 2017

  12. Dear all
    I am from the third world country, Ethiopia. Currently, I am a fourth year PhD student in Space Science in Ethiopia. I have significant shortage of funds to complete my dissertation according to my proposal. So, please! Would anyone provides me information on how to get financial support to complete my dissertation? I am very happy to send my proposal to any volunteer in supporting my work. Thank you in advance!

  13. Hi, just got to know about this grant. Can i still write the Essay to activate my participation in the grant?

  14. ‘Education is the most powerful weapon that I can use to change the world’ Am in need for this bursary so that I can persue my studies &change this world but not just changing the world but also to live my dream because ‘It is better to die for an idea that will live rather than to live for an idea that will die’ I believe my time isn’t yesterday nor Tomorrow but my time is now

  15. Am Muyomba Nicholas Hiswill from Uganda.I hold a diploma in education[Dip.Educ-sec.] My passion is to persue a degree in Human Resource Management or Mass Communication.Please,how can I qualify for that education grant?

  16. Please help me I want study but I don’t have money to do course so I asked schoolership. In my life I like to study but I don’t have a power

  17. I am a high school student who stopped going to school due to lack of money to continue so I need a scholarship to continue with my schooling.

  18. I am a high school student who stopped going to school due to lack of money to continue so I need a scholarship to continue with my schooling.

  19. I am kindly sicking for your financial support for me to continue my education, i have finished high school and wanted to pursue further, but i am not financially strong .

  20. I am highly interested to get your scholarship and please gave me chance to study in our institution , i hope you give me chance

  21. I would really love to be a beneficiary of the scholarship program you are offering since it will boost my career dreams of helping children and also adults living with malnutrition in most parts of Africa….am a student doing food science and nutrition but lack of fees has been a major stambling block for me hope ull consider me

  22. Am proud of this and i will be very happy if i’ll get this scholarship for i know that it will boost my future career of helping the orphans in my country[TANZANIA] and all over the world, for i hate poverty since it made me to stay home for i fail to pay university fee.. Thank you

  23. Am Emmanuel sul have a diploma in biochemistry a need help with a scholarship so I can go further in my studies of medicines



  26. I am happy i your scholar ship rely. I am in able to use your chance due to to in able to pay this much dollar! so if possible please make free scholar ship chance to me.

    1. Please really need this , so that I fufil my dreams , coz av been accepted in three universities so far but due to lack of money I dont report for school , please help ,

  27. I have been given admission to study medicine in All St. University St. Vincent in the Carribian. My desire to pursue medicine is to eagerly help Africa children who die everyday as a result of lack of personnel. My parent can not afford the payment of the fees please help.

  28. Am interested in this scholarship and above all I will do all I can to make sure I undertake my skills and interests very seriously….i have financial problems but above all I Pray to be considered and promise wount let you down…. I humbly beg to be considered… Thank you.

  29. this coming march 2018 i will finish my senior high course major in accountancy business and management and i want to continue my studies in college i hope you will help me,, i hope to hear from you soon


  31. Help me with a scholarship so that i can pursue Degree in Theology with Education at Justo Mwale University -Zambia

  32. Also need scholarship for masters degree in Education planning and management in Nkumba University uganda

  33. Hello,
    Am a Zambian by nationality and I have just learnt of your a month after the 15 October 2017, deadline. Am a fist year student pursuing bachelor of science degree at Rusangu University right here in Zambia. I have a significant shortage of finances to fund my education in the year and beyond, can I be allowed to participate and also write the essay even if after the deadline?
    looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Warm regards,

  34. I need a scholarship in order to help my village other problems of poor shelter and am grateful for my village for they have tried but now they don’t have enough money for my degree so please help me

  35. I need a scholarship in a international relation that can give me the cost for the financial too. Can I? But, I am an undergraduate student. I can speak in 8 languages. But, not fluent. Can I have it?

  36. hello
    please kindly grant me a scholarship to complete my mining engineering course for I am left with nothing

  37. Am trying to be abetter person tomorrow but have to do it through education but I true my need help of these scholarships hope will be one of those who will win. Thank you

  38. Am humbly requesting for scholarship …..I am need for it in order to pursue my career dream in computer science…..I will be glad to your response

  39. I’am really interested in requesting for the scholarship,Am in need of it in order to reacher on my goal in the future which is in being a doctor,Now I’am about to end up my high school in physics,chemistry and biology now I’am in S6 and am expressed in computer science.I will be glad to your response.Thank you

  40. Am David Sekretu from Ghana and I will like to seek scholarship to further my education. I will be happy if you grant me the scholarship to further my education. Thanks

  41. hello
    am a Ugandan requesting for a full scholarship in order to acheive my objective.I have just completed my A’level and wish to study physically from abroad if u grant mi chance
    thank you may God bless you

  42. I would really appreciate if you grant me this scholarship. I will not serve to make a lasting difference my society and our global village and in the near future grant others scholarships as well. I have unrealized dreams with me. Kindly help.

  43. I would really appreciate if you grant me this scholarship. I will serve to make a lasting difference in my society and our global village and in the near future grant others scholarships as well. I have unrealized dreams with me me. I need your assistance.

  44. I am from Liberia. I am a student of the Atlantic International University(AIU); with focus on Business Administration(Project Management). I would appreciate, if I was accepted on your scholarship that would greatly accommodate me in paying some of my tuition fees.

  45. You are tried to bring the at equal balance in education! May God blessing you for this helps that given to us!
    I would like to be the one of that choosen in order to fulfil my dreams of education!

  46. I am a drop out student from class 12 because of finicial lack, so I have changed my mind and thought to upgrade my qualification by getting fully funded scholarship in BA filed in any of the University/Institute etc.please help me to get the scholarship, I am a poor person and poor knowledge related scholarship programme. So please please help me please.

  47. my name is kaganda joshua mwesigwa. i have a dream of becoming a medical doctor treating especially the skin. please i need this scholarship and i will be very gratefully if am granted permission. am also very good at playing chess.

  48. My name is janerose mwende and am really interested in your scholarship…..i want tu pursue higher levels in education but i can’t die to financial reasons…i’d really aporeciate if u help me….Thank you.

  49. I would really want to study information technology in Australia and I really need a scholarshi, please consider me,thank you.

  50. Am from Uganda, a developing country. Am in total need of this scholarship. I wish to study for a bancelors in marine engineering. Am really financially backset.

  51. Am from Malawi I,really need this Scholarship ,so that I can study bachelors degree in law,I will be very grateful if am offered this scholarship

  52. I need this scholarship really.
    Since I graduated from high school, I have not had the means to go go. Please help me.

  53. I am from South Africa,u really need this scholarship because I am interested in studying internal auditing.Can you please help me

  54. Please help me to get this scholarship I really need to go back to school it’s been 6years that I didn’t go to school I’ve been longing for this..

  55. I want to study medicine , am in uganda and l am requesting for any opportunity available. I will be great if am favourabled considered

  56. I am holding a Higher National Diploma in Marketing from Ghana and I need the scholarship to further my education. Please, how can I apply?

  57. Hi Sir,

    I really need a scholarship in Leadership and Management(Human Resources Management) and Business Psychology are my two fields of career which I serve my country and assist my family welfare as well.

    work experience till then in fields of Law enforcement management(Supervisor and Trainer in my country and still with a motive in Business psychology in assisting business in my country to promote financial gains to prevent financial crisis which the main obstacle in my country at times in past.

    please assit me get a scholarship so I could improve in my working professionalism and Efficiently for betterment of my country, people and family(Kids), all will be balance as I wish it to be. Either of any of these two fields would be great for me.

    kind regards,

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry
    from Solomon islands, developing country in south pacific.

  58. Really getting a scholarship is a bridge for building a brighter future for myself and my whole family, why not my country. I am a refugee Girl from Drc who completed he secondary school in Mathematics-Physics and Chemistry and have spent two years without studying, I’m actually 19years old, getting such opportunity can really be good for me.
    NGENZI Joy

  59. I am still in 11th grade i want to finish my stdy until collge im now takin up bussiness,ineed help to continue

  60. Hello help me on how to apply I really need this scholarship to help me study bachelor degree in accounting

  61. Heĺlo help me please on how to apply ,i really need a scholarship to help me study a bachelor degree in healthing

  62. Hi I really need help to go to the university so I really need a scholarship for me to study without that I ll just b a school leaver in my entire life

  63. Hello everyone,

    I am from the third world country, Papua New Guinea. Currently, I am primary school teacher and got accepted to do my masters but I am financally down to persue my studies. So, please! I really need a scholarship to achieve my dreams.


    1. am also interested in the scholarship. at least am of the middle class I need your help to study political science…

  64. Am in need of this scholarship please help so that I can pursue my bachelor degree in medical lamb

  65. Bonjour,
    Je désire vraiment poursuivre mes études à l’ étranger mais le moyen me manque,si ce possible aide moi parce que suis vraiment intéressé.

  66. Hello am PHIONAH from Uganda running a project called Seed of talents Africa helping out the aged poor people and the children that are in need but I need financial support from any one who has a heart of giving do that we can put a smile on these people’s faces,thank you in advance.

  67. Thank you so much! Am very interested to this scholarship am from Africa i have completed my advanced level in mathematics, chemistry and biology please help me to get this chance

  68. Am a local government manager. A diploma holder in financial accounting obtained from the Papua New Guinea University of Technology.

    Is there any possibility of me completing a full time university degree program in my filed of specialty in one of the university in your country?

  69. Dear sir/madam,
    My name is Lorna,a Kenyan by nationality and I would be glad to be awarded the schorlaship to help me pay for my school fee.Am determined to persue my dream by pursuing bachelor in economics and finance and my dream in artistic skills,and by that I’ll be glad in achieving my dream and helping my fellow citizens also achieve their dreams.

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  72. I have no one to help me get what I need,so please help get the scholarship to forward my education in the in university/collage as IT Specialist.

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