Look Twice, Save a Life Scholarship awards students $1,000 to pay for their college tuition

Students looking to fund their education can apply for this Insurance Providers grant

Create a video or essay on motorcycle safety for a chance to win a $1,000 grantto be used to pay for college expenses

Usually when students are searching for college programs to apply to they take into consideration at least two main factors:

  • Does this college I’m thinking of applying to offer a degree program in the field I want to study
  • Is it very expensive?

Some degrees tend to be more expensive than others, and when it comes to cost it also matter whether you’ve enrolled with a traditional or online school. Traditionally, institutions that offer university online degree programs are less expensive than 4 year traditional schools. However, in some cases there’s that extra expense involved in taking classes online in the form of a “per course” fee.

That’s why you need to ready very carefully before applying with any online school.

Also consider this aspect – some universities will have different in-state AND out-of-state tuition rats. So fees will be significantly higher if you live outside of the state. This does not apply for university online degree programs, but if you’re aiming to enroll with a traditional college you should definitely be aware of the in-state/out-of-state difference in tuition fees. Even so cost still remains high when it comes to online degrees.

You see it’s hard to make an online program more accessible for students when schools are using the same faculty staff for their online programs that they are using in their brick-and-mortar programs.

But because costs vary from school to school, it’s important to do a budget analysis, looking at all the specific costs associated with earning the particular degree you want to pursue. Once future students are made aware of all the costs and fees associated with an online program, they can decide whether distance learning is the best route or not.

That’s why it’s very important you read very careful the information presented on the university’s website. Some even offer an expense calculator tool, so you can get a better idea of how much you will end up spending to get the degree.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about scholarships. It never hurts to apply for one or two or more. If successful, you’ll get ahold of a sum of money you can use to pay for your degree.

Here’s an example which could get you some quick money for college: the Look Twice, Save a Life scholarship which aims to help promote motorcycle safety among students.

The grant is provided by Insurance Providers, a seller of insurance and is worth $1,000. In order to apply for this grant you will need to submit a creative effort – which can range anywhere between video, artwork, essay or any other media format – that will hopefully inspire students to focus on motorcycle safety.

You will also have to fill out a brief application form with your personal details which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time. So if you want to go to college and have an interest in motorcycle safety, don’t hesitate to apply for this grant. You have until December 1, 2017 to apply.



312 Replies to “Look Twice, Save a Life Scholarship awards students $1,000 to pay for their college tuition”

  1. I am a student from Libieria, West Africa that is greatly in need of a scholarship of this kind. If I am agiven the green light to obtain this scholarship,I will surely be greatful.

  2. Thanks for the information.I am Santo Constantine Wapokurwa,in Nairobi,Kenya.I have an inquiry.I would like to get scholarship to undertake a PhD Degree Course in Counseling Psychology.I shall be grateful to your kind guidance.Thank you very much.

  3. Hello i am somali my name is Husein mohamed abdirahman please help me i need to study for schollarship i have a Diploma for high collage in Elman Peace and Human rigth Center please helpme my phone numper is 252615090769 ok thnks

  4. Hello, my name is JOSEPH ALFRED NGOZI. I am a Tanzanian male and also a first student at The University of Dodoma found in Tanzania. Unfortunately the Loan board disqualify me because i completed my Diploma four years ago from the application year, and the loan board criteria is three years from thee years. I will be grateful if i will be given sponsorship.

  5. Hello, my name is JOSEPH ALFRED NGOZI. I am a Tanzanian male and also a first year student at The University of Dodoma found in Tanzania. Unfortunately the Loan board disqualify me because i completed my Diploma four years ago from the application year, and the loan board criteria is three years from thee years. I will be grateful if i will be given sponsorship.

  6. Hello my name is Kebareleng Guilty Kota from South Africa. I’m currently in grade11 and the following year I will be in matric . I need sponsors when I got to varsity. I’m trying my level best in every subject I chose .

  7. Good afternoon sir/madam
    My name is Adukule Andrew Killions from Uganda who is a masters student in Ag khan University Tanzania Currently carrying out research and there is no funding for it. I m I legible for this grant?

  8. I am Lum Queenta from Cameroon I am looking for a scholarship in the field of finance in master degree. I would be grateful if I’m given one

  9. hi,am Grace Chisambiro from Malawi,i would like to get a scholarship to undertake a degree in accounting.i have a diploma in financial accounting.

  10. hello, am Daniel Dut from South Sudan have completed my undergraduate degree in Business Adm majoring in finance in Kenya and would like to continue my masters in the same field hence looking for scholarship. I will be most grateful if granted.

  11. Iam Runnex from Zambia.I don’t know if your scholarships cover my situation.I have completed my MPH degree with American International University and should have graduated last August but couldn’t because I still ow the Institution tuition fees that I need to clear.Since now I am out of employment Iam not able to raise the amount.Does this scholarship cover that.

  12. This scholarship is a great opportunity for most of us especially in the developing nations in Africa. I am based in Zambia Central and Southern Africa and if offered such an opportunity, I will greatly appreciate.

  13. Hi iam Elvis Kipkoech in Eldoret Kenya taking degree in Biochemostry and i will like to have scholarship for my fees and I will be grateful to hear from you

  14. Hie, I am Ernest Ngondo from Malawi. I would like to ask for a scholarship. I would be grateful for you response. Thank you

  15. Hi, please my name is Naomi Appiah and I need a full scholarship to do my MBA in a western country. Please help me. Thank you

  16. I am Victoria Mwinianaa from Ghana .I want to offer BSC in Accounting, would be grateful if am given the opportunity

  17. I am Abdul wahab from pakistan. I want to study civil engineering, would be a grateful if I am given the opportunity

  18. Hello,my name is precious wifa am a Nigerian.am a graduate of cooperative economic and management.please I need this for my post graduate diploma.thanks

  19. Hello
    My name is Wilhelmina, I am from Namibia !The scholarship could be of help to me because I’ve been accepted at a certain university but Unfortunately I can’t afford tuition fees! I only have one parent, and he can’t afford to pay for the tuition fees !please help!

  20. Dear sir / madam
    My name is Gonjetso Kalumbu, l am from Malawi and I an interest to to upgrade at the university of Malawi polytechnic to major into community development at a degree level but because l can’t afford to pay my school fees my dream to persue this course is not possible . This platform I believe can assist me to achieved my dream.
    I will be looking forward from you.

  21. My name Bright Ofori Amponsah and am from Ghana.I have completed polytechnic of which I obtained Higher National Diploma. I need financial assistant in order for me to obtain my degree and I hope with ur help I will be able to reach where I want to be.Thank you

  22. My name is kekebo Raphael babatunde I am a Nigerian I just finished my four year bsc program on economic education,i wish too further my studies,i hope with this grant I will achieve my dreams too becoming a scholar in my field.thanks so much

  23. I am laye kromah from Liberia under graduate student I hope I will achieve my dreams too becoming a schalar in my life. thanks so much

  24. My name Waseem Elahi from pakistan I complete Diploma for Islamic University I want to study for go to eroupe country I cant perchase vise that is I need ur help thank you

  25. Am Maurice from Kenya am a trained electronic technician and a football coach for youth teams. It’s a nice one and happy to hear this since I need help for my father studies because am total orphan. I will appreciate if I get positive reply .

  26. A graduate of public administration, Ogbonna Susan Chinwend by name.. Please I will request that this grant help me to future with my studies..

  27. Am Chifundo Robert, a student at one of public universities in Malawi called Lilongwe university of agriculture and natural resources, doing a degree in Development Economics. i really need scholarship to support my education.

  28. Good Morning, I am Kou Michelle Wonokay from Monrovia Liberia, West Africa. How can i be a beneficiary to this program? Please inbox me

  29. Am Steven Ramson from Tanzania in east Africa i want to study undergraduate degree in human resource management at Mwalimu Nyerere university but my family
    can not afford to pay my college fees.PLEASE i request your help so as i can fullfil my destiny.

  30. Good day.. I am in need in any form of financial help to study I am 25 and have been trying to study for past 2 year’s.. But lack of money and other financial help would not let me get further…
    I want to study at hugenote college in Wellington in the Boland… And I want to study child and youth care.. Wich is a 1 year course.. If a can I would want to go futrher the next year wirth community development..
    I have registered myself there and I qualified to study there… But I never got a bursary and time ran out.. I could not study…in my household everyone is unemployed… Its just me my mom and my sister.. We live in Okiep in Namakwaland…
    Please I am in need for financial help to study

  31. Am Eltahir Moh. from Sudan I want to do postgraduate studies , but I have no money for that , please I need your support to fund me.

  32. Hi am from kigali Rwandan my names are Mugyenyi William I completed my university in environmental studies with the option of emergency and disaster management so i need ascholarship for masters, so i need support fund to me.

  33. Good morning Sir/Madam, please where is the e-mail address to be use for sending the essay writing on the motorcycle safety?

    1. Thanks for the opportunity given me today.
      I am a General Nursing diploma student at a training College in Ghana.
      Please I need a scholarship to pursue my chosen career to the degree level and beyond. I would be most grateful to you if you could assist me because I come from a disciplined but a poor African home where my parents finds very difficult to pay for my fees.
      I look forward to hear from you soon.
      Thanks for your time and consideration.

  34. HI am Oliver paniyasi from south Sudan I Completed my university in logistic management so I need a scholarship.

  35. Honestly,since I finished my secondary school in the year 2012 up to date,I have never goten a chance to proceed with further education to persue my career in electrical engineering due to having no support. Hope you will consider me.

  36. Hi,
    I am Obeng – Agyemang Eugenia.I am 18 years of age from Ghana and would be honoured if you will grant me a scholarship to pursue a degree course in Public Relations

  37. I am Zambian studying my online master of science in emergency and disaster management with Saint Leo University of Florida .i need any financial aid

  38. I studied my BIT degree (Hons) with the University of Greenwich. Iam looking forward to some funding programs to study my masters and Help to develop my area which is completely strikened by poverty. Iam not working i Am doing a volunteer work to send children back to School campaign. To be a role model to them, i musi take education to that far to reduce School dropouts in my country. I will be happy to receive an offer of a scholarship. Help the developing countries like Malawi.

  39. Hi. I am Raboko from Lesotho. I have Diploma in Education Secondary, so may you please help me to continue with my studies until i do my masters. I am interested in the scholarship.

  40. Hello sir/madam,I am Sam Gohn David from Liberia,I am a high school graduated and I am really interested in your scholarship and please help me to obtain my BSC and even up to master level to make my dream come through.

  41. Hi I’m Samuel from Cape Town, South Africa. I hope this message finds you well.

    I applied and I’ve been accepted at Cape Academy of Dramatic Art to study drama as from next year. Their year fee if R19 000, but you they can divide it for you to pay it over six month. Now I have to pay R4000 to secure my position before the end of this month, and the R4000 will be deducted from the year fee amount. I tried NSFAS they can’t help me because it’s a private college, and banks can’t give me loan too because my mom Does not have a permanent job she’s doing chaas. Please help me.

  42. I applied and I’ve been accepted at the University of Ambrosianna in Mila;ITALY to study PhD in Medical Education but Financially I am down . Their year fee is$75 000, but it can be divideinto three part to pay it over six month. Now I have to pay $4000 to secure my position before the end of this month, and the $4000 will be deducted from the year fee amount. I tried many institution for help to no avail. and the banks can’t give me loan too because I am not working. Please help m

  43. This is gonda richard Erick, from Uganda am here to ask for support in studies. Am at ndejje university doing a course of civil engineering and am in year two. I humbly request for your support in this because now am stake I money to complete my studies. I will be grateful if I get that scholarship.

  44. Hey there,
    My name is Eyerusalem Alemu from Ethiopia, I need scholarship. please help me! I am intrested on arichitectural engineering.

  45. I am a student from Nigeria I want to study mechanical and electronic engineering. If I am given this opportunity I will be very great full. Thanks

  46. Hi… My name is Adeshina Idayat Adetutu from Nigeria… I have completed my National diploma since 2014 but I couldn’t go back to school cos there’s no funding it would be a dream come through for if I am given this opportunity.Thanks

  47. Am fanuel mchenga from malawi lhave been invited to do my online degree in public health at antlantic international university but due to financial problem lcan not make it on .my on so help me financially to achieve my dream, lwill be looking forward for your assistance thanks

  48. Thanks lcan be happy if you can consinder me immediately and in anyway around, beacause lhave nothing to do inorder to persue my carrier, so how can lknow that lhave granted a scholarship, lwill still looking forward for an answer aswell as an assistance , god bless thanks

  49. I am a Zambian male aged 45 years looking and applying for a scholarship to fund my Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling Studies.

  50. Dear sir/Madam,
    I am Stephen Richard Amwayi from Kenya . I was admitted at Kenyatta University in the faculty of Communication and Information Technology . I dropped out in my second year due to fees problem . I want to resume next . Kindly offer me this scholarship and I know I will make it .

  51. I am Felix Kuntumanji , i want to continue my studies but because of money i cant go ahead with it so i want your help . I grade two certificate in Electrical Engineering locally in my country Malawi.

  52. I am Felix Kuntumanji , i want to continue my studies but because of money i cant go ahead with it so i want your help . I have grade two certificate in Electrical Engineering locally in my country Malawi.

  53. Am a camerounian and my name is Silambi N. Hilarie Odera I will sincerely love to have this scholarship. Am a 1st year student and I think I have to learn more to ameliorate my life and that of my family and to help the people around me.

  54. Good morning, my name is Terethia Peart. I am a student at the Old Harbour High school, located in Jamaica. Due to the financial problems, that I am faced with I would be very grateful if I was given a chance to get this scholarship. Thank You

  55. Good day. I’m Gundo from South Africa. Last year i was in high school and I passed my Grade 12. I couldn’t go to the college or universirty due to financial problems. If i cn get help I will be greatful and thankful

  56. iam sadam husain i must need this scholorship i belong to a very far away trible area of pakistan please send regestration method

  57. Hello! I’m Aly Sidibé and I am a university student in Mali.I’m looking For a Scholaship to continue with my studies!! I’ll ne very happy if could helpe me about that. Thank you.

  58. hello ! i am kwizera jean claude from Rwanda i just wanna get a help to pay the tuition fee in IPRC KIGALI. the fee is 1000$ every year. I and my family have tried to search for that amount of money but we managed to get 200$.

  59. Am Vitumbiko Njikho .Am young lady of 22 years. Malawian. Am looking for sponsorship want to further my studies.
    I will be greatful if you will consider me

  60. Hey am isaac from Kenya I am currently at ome struggling with streets job my father had not enough money to make m complete my secondary education plsease help me. I am willing to finish if you help me .thank you and may God bless you.

  61. Hye,my names Abdi Aden,and i from djibouti (east africa) and i apreciate to get this scholarships,and i look forward to hear from your answers as soon as possible

  62. Hi my name is marcus Jensen, I am from Liberia. I am interested in studing Information Technology and am highly interested in this scholarship.

  63. Hi, my name is Feigni Victorine from Cameroon, I am interested in carrying a Master program in HRM I need a scholarship to do that.

  64. Hi, Am Yassin from Uganda, Iam very much interested in getting a scholarship programme to persue my studies if my request would be considered in the area of public health.

  65. My name Reuben Samwel and am from Tanzania.I have completed Bsc.in Biotechnology and laboratory sciences of which I obtained degree of upper second class. I need financial assistant in order for me to obtain my master degree of Health care administration in population health from Walden university and write now i have the admission . I hope with your help I will be able to reach where I want to be.Thank you

  66. Hi, am Allan from Uganda. Iam currently looking for a scholarship for my secondary school. I will be grateful if my request is considered.

  67. I am pakistani student studying nursing in qatar . I am looking for scholorship .It will be very kind of you if my request is considered.Thankyou.

  68. I am shimuye nigusse abrha from Eastern africa, Ethiopia. am an assistant lecturer in one of the higher institution, Adigrat University in medicine and health science college, public health department. please if there is any opportunity in tututuion free online education in masters program in one of the disciplines of public health. please healp me.

  69. Hello I am a Malagasy student and I get my scientific baccalaureate degree last year and I want to further my study abroad in an ingeneering fields like agricultural or civil

  70. Hello!my name is ensa,am from the gambia west Africa.Am hereby looking for sponsorship to persue on my diploma programme in human resource management,at Stratford college the Gambia..

  71. Hello Am Called Mugisha Edward Levi From Uganda I Have Been In A College For 3 Years Studying The Technical Work Am In Need Of A Scholarship To Undertake A Course Of Diploma In Civil Engineering Thanks 265775582881

  72. Hi, am sonkeng valdez from cameroon i wish to have the opportunity to have this scholarship to further my studies and show great things

  73. I’m Lipalesa Khatleli from Lesotho.. Current on a gap year.. Trying to find funds to go to the universities.. Can you please help me..Phone number +26653030482

  74. Hello I am Katleho Lefosa from Lesotho and I am very much in need of this scholarship. I would really appreciate it if it was granted to me. I need to study chemistry but I have no money to do so.

  75. Hi,I would like to request to studies for any department master program.Specially MBA,management,Economics &Environmental science is My choice or Interest.

  76. I’m an undergraduate student from South Africa I would like to get that opportunity and study Diploma in Accounting Technician

  77. I am an undergraduate from Zimbabwe and I am looking for a scholarship to further my education and will be very grateful to be granted one

  78. Anthony Binali from Malawi. A final year student @ the university of malawi, the Malwi Polytechnic. Im Looking for tuition fees for me to finish my study (first degree). Anyone willing to do so please contact the above stated college

  79. Iam Niyibizi Annaclet, Rwandan. Iam undergraduate student in the field of mathematics and physics-education. your offering of the scholarship to me for my farther studies will be a great support. So, iam staying to hearing from your good answer.

  80. Hi, I am Jo-ann Claassen a student at UFS studying LLB. I am in my third year and I need desperately a scholarship. I am a hard worker did get a Golden Key Award last year.

  81. I am Muhammad Auwal from Nigeria. I want to study MBBS, would be a grateful if I am given the opportunity. Thanks

  82. I’m Sduduzo Mhlongo currently studying at Durban University Of Technology. I’m Studying civil engineering I’m from a poor family I don’t have a scholarship I will be grateful if I can get this scholarship.

  83. Hello,my name Christopher and I was hoping you could assist me getting this scholarship..I just completed my high school.

  84. Hello am jephthah I was hoping u help me with this scholarship I just completed my high school an would love to be granted this opportunity to make the best of it

  85. Hello,I am Charles a Kenyan and intrested in getting a scholarship on computer science,I have also some “frenchian” knowledge,I completed my high school education and in Kenya I qualify for it,if granted the scholarship I will be much grateful.Thank you

  86. Dear Organizer:
    My name is Luis, Im a Sociologist-Anthropology, from Cuba with 18 years of work experience. and I would like to apply to this scholarship, in Cuba there arent scholarships of Anthropology for Licenciate, Master and Ph.D studies that why I am applying for it. My best regards.Thank you

  87. Dear Chairperson
    I am Nagji Thakur, I m undergraduate of Mining Engineering.I have problem of finance so, if there is any scholarship then please contact me.Thank you

  88. I okeny john undergraduate want to do master in business administration lack financial support requesting for help

  89. I Amusan Sunday from Nigeria want to do master and lack financial support requesting for help, if I can get kind of this opportunity I will be grateful.

  90. I’m salah Mohammed ,seeking for electrical BSc at any UK University ,so l need full scholarship for get BSc .

    Thank you ,,,,,

    Eng.salah Adam – SUDAN

  91. hello my names are uwera jacqueline birnie am a Rwandan and I finished my high school in the option of maths,physics and computer science .I really want this scholarship and am very thankful to get it ,and I wish you the best in what you do,thank you.

  92. I am so glad to have this opportunity inoder to study computer science. Thanks A lot nice to hear from you again

  93. Hello jam Agumenaitwe Mercy from Uganda and would like to study a master’s degree in educational administration but have no support I wish you would help me fulfill my dream.

  94. I am a Zambian citizen I completed my school in 2015,am a grade twelve graduate and have never been at any institution because I have no source for money am just a single orphan and my mother doesn’t work so if u can kindly grant me with a scholarship how be very grateful.

  95. Me too I wish to get this opportunity to have scholorahip because if iget chance may be is the way of starting new life to my family

  96. I am 4th year college now at Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges from Philippines and i want to study with no worries with my tuition fees especially this time it will be very hard to paid my balances just a quick.

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