Pay for your online degree with this $5,000 video scholarship

GPAs and essays aren’t the only ways to apply for scholarships

Looking to fund your online education? This simple-to-apply scholarship can earn you $5,000 if you have what it takes

What images pop up in your mind when you think of scholarship applications. You probably think of personal statements, essays, short answers and letters of recommendations right? Well that’s not the case for some scholarship applications.

Sometimes scholarship providers want to see the more creative side of you. So if you are a student of offline or online college degrees who is seeking funding for their education, you might want to listen up.

Regardless of whether you’re enrolled with distance learning degrees or traditional ones, you will agree that in order to finish college you need money. Even as online college degrees are cheaper on average, they still come at a pretty high cost. That’s why getting a scholarship is utterly important if you have no desire of starting your life, post-graduation with a major debt you need to worry about repaying.

Traditional or distance learning degrees usually come at a cost which can be covered if you get a few scholarships under your belt. But in order to achieve this feature, you must apply and apply some more.

You’ll have to find scholarships which are easy to apply, not those who require countless hours of work. Surely, you can try to apply for one or two of those, but the bulk of applications needs to go to easier to apply grant programs.

And scholarships which require you to do a quick creative work in order to compete for a grant are available. For example, some programs would have you send in original videos in order to let you win money for college. So, put down your pen and paper and go grab that camera you keep in the garage.

Enter the Project Yellow Light scholarship which awards a grants up to $5,000 to students who create a video through which they encourage friends and other youths from around the country and glove to avoid distracted driving, and specifically, texting while driving.

Video entries are limited to either exactly 25 seconds or exactly 55 seconds and must be shot at least 720 x 480. If an iPhone or an Android phone is used, it is recommended you shoot the footage horizontally and not vertically.

Videos will be judged according to a few criteria including ability to capture the audience, clarity of message and capacity to persuade others to alter their driving habits. Creative expression and the quality of the production will also be taken into consideration.

The grand winner will receive a $5,000 grant, while the runner up will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

If you think you can use your creativity to produce a video that will speak to young people out there, then you should definitely give this scholarship a try. Unlike the majority of funding programs, the Project Yellow Light does not require you send in documentation. The judges panel doesn’t care about your GPA, what they care about is how inventive you can get with the tools you have at your disposal.

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