Pay for your online degree with this $5,000 video scholarship

GPAs and essays aren’t the only ways to apply for scholarships

Looking to fund your online education? This simple-to-apply scholarship can earn you $5,000 if you have what it takes

What images pop up in your mind when you think of scholarship applications. You probably think of personal statements, essays, short answers and letters of recommendations right? Well that’s not the case for some scholarship applications.

Sometimes scholarship providers want to see the more creative side of you. So if you are a student of offline or online college degrees who is seeking funding for their education, you might want to listen up.

Regardless of whether you’re enrolled with distance learning degrees or traditional ones, you will agree that in order to finish college you need money. Even as online college degrees are cheaper on average, they still come at a pretty high cost. That’s why getting a scholarship is utterly important if you have no desire of starting your life, post-graduation with a major debt you need to worry about repaying.

Traditional or distance learning degrees usually come at a cost which can be covered if you get a few scholarships under your belt. But in order to achieve this feature, you must apply and apply some more.

You’ll have to find scholarships which are easy to apply, not those who require countless hours of work. Surely, you can try to apply for one or two of those, but the bulk of applications needs to go to easier to apply grant programs.

And scholarships which require you to do a quick creative work in order to compete for a grant are available. For example, some programs would have you send in original videos in order to let you win money for college. So, put down your pen and paper and go grab that camera you keep in the garage.

Enter the Project Yellow Light scholarship which awards a grants up to $5,000 to students who create a video through which they encourage friends and other youths from around the country and glove to avoid distracted driving, and specifically, texting while driving.

Video entries are limited to either exactly 25 seconds or exactly 55 seconds and must be shot at least 720 x 480. If an iPhone or an Android phone is used, it is recommended you shoot the footage horizontally and not vertically.

Videos will be judged according to a few criteria including ability to capture the audience, clarity of message and capacity to persuade others to alter their driving habits. Creative expression and the quality of the production will also be taken into consideration.

The grand winner will receive a $5,000 grant, while the runner up will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

If you think you can use your creativity to produce a video that will speak to young people out there, then you should definitely give this scholarship a try. Unlike the majority of funding programs, the Project Yellow Light does not require you send in documentation. The judges panel doesn’t care about your GPA, what they care about is how inventive you can get with the tools you have at your disposal.


139 Replies to “Pay for your online degree with this $5,000 video scholarship”

  1. Thanks you so very much…
    This is really awesome to have people like you who are willing to assist people to stand firm again.given them comfort that is not end of the world…..thanks you once again….
    I would be so delighted if I get the chance to have have this offer……

  2. This is a great opportunity that has been an influence to many students and I am happy to have a chance . I would be honoured to have that opportunity, if success I woud do the best I had in me to make everyone happy.

  3. I am happy to have been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship. I will love to studyMasters degree online

  4. I apreciate the offer and would like to get the chace of gaining the scholarship to get my degree in china. I have been working with chinese people so for long, and it could be be just great.

  5. I will be much pleased if am granted this golden opportunity to get this scholarship to study maters in USA.thanks.

  6. l would like to convey my gratitude to you Project Yellow Light Scholarship members for responding my e.mail .I am still looking forward to hear your respond.I am so curious to be awarded your scholarship,with Project Yellow Light team we should reach our destiny . Thank you for your consideration.

  7. I am a Ghanaian living in my home country. I will be very much grateful when given this great opportunity to study. I strongly believe that, I would be considered for this magnificent Scholarship.

  8. I am John ruiru mungai from Kenya. Graduated with barchelors of education science mathematics and physics and attained a first class honours… Would like to pursue masters in applied mathematics… If get this scholarship I will be able to articulately help my country and the world in research and innovatiins

  9. I want to study degree but my problem is school fees since I am orphan so please would you assist me to pay schools for course I am partaking

  10. I will be grad if I will be considered for this scholarship opportunity and I will appreciate on that and I will agree for any condition you will offer to me

  11. A scholarship facility is what i am in need of so as to enable me pursue my PhD in Psychotherapy and Counselling Studies. Help. I am Kenneth from Zambia.

  12. wakalala vincent from Zambia looking for sponsorship to one of the university in Zambia which is university of Zambia. Kindly sponsor me as the institute is opening in
    2nd January 2018 .assistance is 25,300 per year x 4 years

  13. I am sewagegn yenesew from Ethiopia. I am graduated in geology with CGPA 3.87 and now i am assitant lecturer in AMU. I am interseted to learn my second degree in geophysics or other related fields in your university. Contact me with +251924535103.
    THANK YOU!!!

  14. I am Nonhlanhla Makhanya from Swaziland. i am kindly requesting for a scholarship in order to do my masters degree.

  15. I’m Robert, from Rwanda, It is great to me whether i get the scholarship , i wish to specialise in IT&software Engineering, Thank U.

  16. I found it morally congruous to acquaint you that, I will be glad to be one of the lucky students to be considered for this scholarship. May God bless you.

  17. Love this, will be delighted to be given this grant. Hope can send the video tomorrow because am just reading this message now at night. It,s better I video it during the day. Pls hope it,s not closing yet? Thank you. Nigeria.

  18. Comento no sentido de concordar com os princípios e regras estabelecidos. O importante e assumir que sem um financiamento seguro, fica difícil enveredar pelo caminho de estudos no ensino superior.

  19. I agree with that it becomes challenging for someone willing to study at any university without an appropriate financial support. This is exactly what I AM experiencing. Even though I AM hopeful onde day it will happen. My education at any University, nerds a financial support. F

  20. Am grateful for listening to me and by sending me the email.I will be delighted when i grab the chance.Am looking forward to your positive reply.Thanks in advance

  21. I live in Khartoum Sudan my nationality Somalia so i want to help me pls I am poor my father my mother all dead I live only I have not money also I have not good life and home help me I am living in Khartoum 6 years I want help me any way sent me money or anythings about helping me my self and my life is very bad . Help me pls. thanks.

    My telephone number is can call me pls. Thanks.

  22. It will be wonderful to receive that scholarship for us and getting the chance to continue our studies… thanks May God bless you.

  23. I have the first degree in industrial engineering and I want to learn MSc in your country and I will be glad if i am accepted to receive this grant for the scholarship, because in ethiopia there is no career and a chance to create any inovetion and no one helpe us to meet our gole.
    Thank you a lot!

  24. I have the first degree in industrial engineering and I want to learn MSc in your country and I will be glad if i am accepted to receive this grant for the scholarship, because in ethiopia there is no career and a chance to create any inovetion and no one helpe us to meet our goal.
    Thank you a lot!

  25. I am malawo kaniini from the republic of Zambia and your positive response in offerimg me a scholarship so I can make my dream of helping the needy in health as a doctor come true.
    Thank you

  26. My country is facing a lot of challenges like corruption, poverty, high unemployment levels and i feel if given a chance to attain good education i can make a difference for the people of Uganda.

  27. Coming from a poor background with full of abject poverty and high inflation rate ,i think that having this scholarship will expose me to turn the fortunes of children and other poor people within the region of Africa.

  28. I’m from Papua New Guinea and I will be grateful if I’m given an opportunity for scholarship.


  29. Salut je suis un togolais assoiffé d’apprendre davantage. Faute d’opportunité de viser loin, je passe par vous pour tenter ma chance en espérant que vous m’accordez une bourse pour les études. Je suis reconnaissant envers vous pour le temps que vous prendrez pour lire mon message. En attendant une réponse positive de votre part quelque soit votre décision, je vous adore.

  30. please help me to have your purse and God alone can help you because I am a poor Comorian who wants to continue these studies

  31. H.O.D

    Dear sir/Madam
    With my sincere mind and love of Education but lack of means to further my Education I do plead for a chance in this scholarship program for the administration to give me the opportunity to win this scholarship so as to continue my career.
    Am waiting for your reply.
    Thanks for your sincere OBEL Armstrong.

  32. my name is jeannette mugwaneza i need grant for continue to study and incresing my level of education

  33. Am from this funny country full of corruption and poverty so when I when I get this grant I would be able to help the poor economy of my country uganda

  34. With God all things are possible,studying is my passion but finance is my obstruction i will be not only glab but it will be my happiest moment if am accepted to further my education by this scholarship. While waiting for your reply I still remain your humble applicant

  35. Am Deginet, from ETHIOPIA. I have done Geology in Arbaminch university. I wish now to continue my studies for Masters level in any domain of Geological science such as mining geology, engineering geology, and so on but am not able because of lack of means. Please, I beg for your scholarship for reaching to my wish. Thank you a lot for your regards on my request

  36. My name is Emily Mendy from Gambia,Looking for scholarship in order to further my studies.My course of study is ‘language training’ and is only for two years.One year at Edmonds Community College ie last year and this year am suppose to do my degree programm at University of Washington Bothell on language training once the terms and conditions are met thanks.

  37. My Full Name is Dion Michael Bannie, I will highly honor your Organization if I am accepted for your scholarship.

  38. I will be glad if i am given an offer or scholarship in any situation just to serve the world.

  39. Dear sir/madam

    Am an offline student. I plead for a scholarship for my high school education, because I have all it takes to advance myself for higher learning but I lack the funding. I don’t come from a well of family and I’ll really need help, I had to drop out because of the situation we are undergoing. I’ll really appreciate if you grant me that opportunity.

  40. Dear sir/madam
    I’m Sithabile buthelezi coming from a not very rich family,lacking funds to further my studies.I plead for scholarship for my degree in education.Assistance on funding will be highly appreciated.

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