Shell offers students of associate degrees scholarships of up to $2,200

Check out this scholarship for associate degree students

Associate degrees take less to complete, but that doesn’t mean they don’t cost money, but you can apply to scholarships such as this to pay for yours

Have you considered going back to college, but got cold feet about jumping back in the game with a four-year program? Then maybe you should consider jumping onboard with an associate degree online. Why? Because it takes only 2 years to complete.

Thinking of furthering your education in smaller chunks can make the process seem more approachable. What exactly can an associate degree bring in your life? Well an associate degree online can provide you with the fundamental knowledge and useful skills you need to decide in which direction to stir your professional and academic pursuits.

So before enrolling with a full time offline or online college degree consider going down the associate degree path first. Also consider another important part – while typical programs often take two years to complete, thanks to today’s flexible online programs you might actually be able to graduate sooner. In 18 months, let’s say.

An associate degree will put you well down on the path of earning a full traditional or online college degree, if that’s what you decide you want to do.

Enrolling with an associate degree also has some other advantages – one of them is financial. You won’t have to spend so much money on the program. That’s because, associate programs tend to cost less than their full time counterparts. But also because you can easily get scholarships to cover the full cost of tuition.

Oil company, Shell has a program set up which aims to help students in need who want to enroll with an associate degree and study technical disciplines. The Two-Year Associate and Technology Scholarship is targeted at individuals aiming to get a job in one of the industries that use and control mechanical, physical or chemical processor to produce or move a final product.

Shell offers a maximum of $2,200 for each grant awarded. So what do you have to do to be eligible to receive this money?

First off you need to study or be planning to study with an associate degree in one of these fields:

  • Compressor/Compression Technology
  • Electrical/Electronics Technology
  • Industrial Maintenance Technology
  • Industrial Marine Electronics Technology
  • Instrumentation/Analyzer Technology
  • Machine Tool Technology Machinist/Mechanical Technology
  • Marine Operations
  • Petroleum Technology
  • Process/Production Technology
  • Welding

Other than that? You just need to have a little luck. Shell does not require you to submit any other documentation. Just proof that you are enrolled with an associate degree in one of the fields listed above.

No GPA requirements or letters of recommendations from employees or teachers are necessary to obtain the funding. Shell wants to encourage students to seek an education in order to obtain employments in one of these industries.

If you think you could benefit from earning an associate degree in this field, you can go ahead and submit your application to Shell.

Shell is also offering a scholarship for high school seniors interested in pursuing a degree in engineering or geosciences. The award is worth $2,500 and will be handed out to individuals who have demonstrated an aptitude in mathematics and science.


160 Replies to “Shell offers students of associate degrees scholarships of up to $2,200”

    1. Am from Malawi. I will be very grateful.if you help m with a scholarship to study a degree course for hospitality and tourism management

  1. Iam Nkhaiko Nkhwazi Mrs Msema ,i would be very happy if you could help me to find a scholership to study bachelor’s degree in education or economic and business studies.


  2. I am from Liberia, I would be glad if i am given the grant to get Associate Degree in
    Electrical/Electronics Technology

  3. I do require sponsorship to enrol masters degree business administration. At tshwane university of technology or magister technology.organizational leadership.

  4. i am immaculate and i would be happy if you offered me a scholarship in law that my field of interest . and i belive in one way or the other there is need for legal assistance any fiel thank you

  5. Iam Stanley and would be happy if you help offer me a scholarship in Fiscal Decentralization and Local Governance thank you.

  6. I’m from Ghana , I will be forever grateful if you help me get a scholarship to enroll in IT technology and become an expert in IT.

  7. I would be happy if I am given a scholarship. I read Bsc statistics at Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology,Ghana

  8. my name is burry saine from The Gambia.Am really looking forward for a scholarship for my MBA in Human Resources.Thanks!!!!!

  9. I am a Bachelor degree holder in the field of Natural Resources management (Forest Resources Management) from the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Ghana. I will be soo much thankful to get a Master’s scholarship for furthering my education.

  10. Dear all
    I am from the third world country, Ethiopia. I have MSc degree in Space physics with CGPA of 3.82 in a scale 4. Currently, I am a fourth year PhD student in Space Science in Ethiopia. I have significant shortage of funds to complete my dissertation according to my proposal. So, please! Would anyone provides me information on how to get financial support to complete my dissertation? I am very happy to send my proposal to any volunteer in supporting my work. Thank you in advance!

  11. I like to appreciate first for the great job you are doing for the humanity. I am from Togo and now living in Ghana. I will be so much blessed and thankful to get an Electrical or Electronics Technology. More i build automatic changeover. Thank you. May God be your provider.

    1. My name is Sadiki from Tanzania I will be very happy if you offer me scholarship to do Master in conflict management and resolution

  12. Dear Teams
    I hope this mail will find you well.
    I remembered i shared with my areas of interest last week concerning scholarship for further studies

  13. I am very grateful to be in touch with this program.
    I need this scholarship to feet my degree in Electrical engineering..

  14. i am happy to hear about this scholarship.
    my brother did master in buisness administration now he want mphil or m.s so if give him it will be thank u

  15. I am looking for Bachelors degree in project management , i would be gratefull if you regard my application . I am WILSON MFUNE from MALAWI

    Thanks so much.

  16. I am from Pakistan . I will be thankful if you offer me scholarship in engineering.please give me scolarship ,because I have keen desire to study but my family background is not good.

  17. \ai would be very happy if you could help me to find a scholership to study bachelor’s degree in education or economic and business studies.

  18. i am from Pakistan i need a scholarship in business administration in Australia, shell i will be thankful if you could do any help

  19. Hello, I am from Cambodia. I need scholaship for midwife. I am midwife now and want to study more. If can be, I need to continuance doctor

  20. Am Lewis wanjala from Kenya. First is to express my sincere appreciation to you for choosing clinical medicine and surgery student, but I want to study more on industrial maintenance technology. Thanks and God bless you.

  21. Carl Mensah from West Africa (Ghana)
    Would be very grateful if my application is taken in consideration and I gain admission to college under scholarship to offer Pharmacy

  22. Blessing Ncube from Zimbabwe

    Would be very grateful if my application is considered and gain scholarships to further my studies in Communication studies

  23. Am jennipher kimani currently at kyu pursuing bachelor of commerce… am from a humble background… and wish if you could fund me

  24. I’m from Cameroon and wish to pursue masters in educational administration and or leadership and wish to seek for funding.
    i will be happy if my application is considered and scholarship offered to help me fulfill my dreams.

  25. i am Habtamu from Ethiopia. and i am happy by participating this kind of scholarship opportunity from your University.
    i hope you have back to write good news

  26. My name is Sanele Langa im from South Africa
    i have a burning desire to study music and theater performance and i would highly appreciate it to be one of the students whos is granted an opportunity to study further

  27. I would be very much happy if I get this opportunity to further my education in the medical field. It will be like a dream come true. Thank you so much

  28. Hi, I am from the Republic Of Uganda East Africa , and I will be delighted if you grant me an opportunity to participate in pursuing an associated degree of Marine Operations Course.

  29. dear sir
    i am fitsum from ethiopia and i have bachelor degree in hydraulic and water resource engineering and i need grant to make my masters degree.

  30. I need scholarship please provide it for my self , I’m south African , 27 year worker at ROCKENT INDUSTRIAL as operator for HP/UHP and VACUUM CLEANER …… Please scholarship …..scholarship

  31. I am Jefa John from Kenya. I am applying for full scholarship in Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Investigative Journalism

  32. I’m Adetunji Felicia Oluwafeyisayo from Nigeria
    I’ll be glad if am granted the scholarship.
    Art/ Humanities

  33. Dominic from Tanzania, I will be happy if you gonna assist me on bachelor science in medical doctor.
    thanx and nice work!

  34. Amos zuze from zambia and am in need of this great opportunity of furthering educational levels through scholarships and grants. If the opportunity is given to me, i could make my dream of becomin becoming a medical practional come true

  35. I am Johnson S. David, Jr, I am from The Republic of Liberia West Africa. I will be very ecited and grateful if I am granted a bachelor degree scholarship to continue ny studies in Public Administration.

  36. I am Chiantey Joseph Tetteh from Ghana, I’ll be glad if am granted a scholarship to my studies in electrical/electronics engineering

  37. I’m approaching respectively to you knowing that iam in the correct field and campus of relief for international students. Iam a Zambia but a citizen in Mozambique, I’ve finished my high school with some knowledge in Chemistry and biology which could enable to do my medicine in an university only that without money or any supportor I couldn’t do nothing, therefore I came by the way to know whether you had reserved any scholarship in healthcare science so I may make my dreams. Thank iam waiting direct from you.

  38. Im from pakistan, Gilgit Baitistan. Near china border,, so please help me for my studies, ad i belong to a very poor family

  39. I am very happy to see this way of education. I am very interest in this director so am applying for said education.

  40. I want to study Community Development and Counselling.

    I am very happy to see this way of education. I am very interest in this director so am applying for said education.

  41. my name is semegnew adinew from ethiopia,I am BA degree i business management, Iam in aneed of scholarship for masters degree in arelated filed,

  42. Please am in need of scholarship like seriously, am from Nigeria. Just give me scholarship on welding please and please. I will be glad if people give me scholarshipm I can’t wait to get it.THANK YOU

  43. i will be happy if this wonderful company can give a scholarship on Petroleum Technology, i will grateful am from Nigeria thanks.

  44. i will be happy if this wonderful company can give me a scholarship on Petroleum Technology, i will grateful am from Nigeria thanks.

  45. Hi Masiyon Mpakany, I humbly ask for an opportunity to enroll in the Shell for a degree in industrial maintenance technology.
    Thanks in advance.

  46. Hello,I am James Romaric TCHABO from Cameroon. I’LL be very thankful to have an opportunity to enroll in that significant scholarship. I am a bachelor Degree holder in Management Logistics and Transport, I have achieved an internship in Halliburton sas cameroon as Logistics Agent. A great program like this would help me to be well-skilled, in one of the listed field. Marine operations.

  47. hello i am Saeed shah from pakistan i will be very thankful to have an opportunity in that scholarship i am Bachelor degree holder in Geology pleased inform me ms scholarship in Canada

  48. I am collins obumba ,kenyan. I will be happy if i could be offered schorlarship in BSc in wood science and industrial processes.
    Thank you.

  49. Hi I’m Enword tafadzwa mashevedzanwa from Zimbabwe. I will be very thankful if I get a scholarship to study industrial engineering

  50. Hi, I am Rachael-Letty Epeol from Papua New Guinea.I would be very greatful if you offer me scholarship for study online degree in business management.

  51. Am Amber kalili from Tanzania, am 21 years old. It will be grateful if I will get scholarship to study abroad bachelor in account This year since I complete with diploma in customs and tax management, at institute of tax administration.

  52. I am Bertha Pundulani from Malawi, I will be grateful if i will get a scholarship to study masters of science in agronomy

  53. I am Nthabiseng Rapeane from Lesotho,I would be grateful if you offered me a scholarship to study Business Administration

    1. Am Diane Fossey UMUHOZA Rwandan by nationality,I would be grateful if you offer me a scholarship to study medical science in general nursing muster degree.

  54. My name is Itumeleng Cossa from Klerksdorp, NW,South Africa I am currently enrolled in a Bsc in Information Technology but I need funding.I am kimdly making a plea for your company to fund my studies.I solemnly make this plea for your company to invest in future minds that will shape the economy of SA.

    A humble plea from a hardworking student who’s only obstacle is financial assistance.

    With kind regards I.I Cossa

  55. Hi, am Ntanda Esau from Uganda, am looking for a scholarship in my Education, am an orphan and I want to apply for degree course in Electrical Engineering but I have failed to get tuition please some one to help me. May God reward you abundantly

  56. hello dear I am addisu abebe from Ethiopia and i have BA degree in accounting and finance, having this i am looking for fully funded scholar ship opportunity,just contact me and i will attach my document

  57. Hello,I am Shambel Leta, from Ethiopia. I’LL be very thankful to have an opportunity to enroll in that significant scholarship. I am a bachelor Degree holder in Psychology and now i am MA fellow in Addis Ababa University. so, i am interested to continue my education both horizontally and vertically.
    thanks for your help in advance

  58. I am from Pakistan. I want to study genetic engineering in any developed country .I have got 87% in matric and 88% in FSc(intermediate).As I belong to a poor family so my parents can’t afford my abroad study. Can you give me scholarship for study in any best university.

  59. I would like to be d as I am from a poor family with a minimum income of less than £1 a day. I tried many scholarships but failed. I regained hope when I saw your scholarship programme. I want to study compression technology and willing to work for any of your companies as a volunteer when completing my studies.

  60. I humbly apply to your reputable institution if l could be offer a scholarship to study Associate or Bsc degree in Occupational Health , Safety and Environment Management.
    Daniel Adjei, GHANA

  61. Am samwel Mfaume from Tanzania, I need a scholarship to be enrolled a bachelor of art with education, especially in Canada, U.S. or Australia

  62. I am ogechi from Nigeria, A final year student of Lagos state university, I would be very happy if shell can help me with a financial grant of $300 to pau my school fees and get some of my study materials, my father is death. I seriously in need of this grant, and promise to show my appreciation. Here is my account details. Babalola ogechi perpetual. 0693006042. Access bank PLC nigeria. Thankd

  63. I’m FUEMARI NAPSIATOU YUJIMIH please have a burning desire to study transport and logistics management. I would be very grateful if my request is due consideration. Thanks

  64. Am Victorious Mkandawire from Malawi I will be grateful if you can sponsor me to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Midwifery

  65. I’m ABUBAKAR ABDUL from Tanzania i am honestly requesting for scholarship to pursue degree in photography and video shooting . I will be so thankful for your help.

  66. I am Diana Bonney from Ghana, I will be very happy if I’m given the scholarship to study Business Administration

  67. I would very much love to learn abroad because of my finacial support is very low i need your help i recently graduated at University of Rwanda and i want to continue my studies #Economics#

  68. Thanks for offer. Please administer Scholaship for me to study leadership and management studies -graduate diploma.

    Please pay for on offline course at University of Griffith in Australia. I need a full Scholaship.


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