The NCAA awards a $7,500 scholarship for student athletes

Student athletes can get funding for school from the NCAA

The NCAA is the place to go looking for college funding if you’re a minority or female college student pursuing intercollegiate athletics

Traditional and online universities are getting more expensive, as each year passes and the economy falters. So even if the work force is in need of more and more specialists, less students are willing to undertakethe financial trial of paying for a college education online or offline. And who can blame them?

Online universities have changed a game a little bit. They allow working students or people who can’t dedicate themselves completely to studying to earn an education – and despite making it more affordable than their traditional counterparts, college education online is still pretty expensive.

That’s why most students have visited the financial aid office at their school at least once. But sometimes your university runs out of funds or its criteria is too strict. So what do you do then? You look for funding somewhere else.

How do you go about that? There are several ways to search for scholarships, but the easiest route is to think about what defines you as a student? Are you an athlete? Or maybe a poet? Or maybe you are very good at shooting video?

Use your special skill to look for scholarship providers who want to reward you for your talents. Take for example the National Collegiate Athletic Association. As the name indicates, the association wants to help athletes get a higher education on the cheap and offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities to that end.

Here we’re going to talk about the Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Scholarships which is aimed at minority and female students who are planning to attend a sports administration program, while planning a career in intercollegiate athletics such as athletic administration, coaching or training.

In order to apply you will must enroll in an NCAA member institution on a full time basis and be at least in your final season of NCAA athletics eligibility.

We should also note this is a scholarship for students seeking to enroll in postgraduate studies or graduate level studies, so if you’re currently enrolled with a bachelor degree you won’t be eligible to apply just yet. As soon as you complete your degree, you will be able to apply for a grant with the NCAA provided the other requirements are also fulfilled.

Furthermore, you need to have a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale, including all undergraduate hours earned at any undergraduate institutions you have attended up until now.

On top of that the NCAA also notes that candidates must be outstanding citizens and excellent role models hoping to become a part of intercollegiate athletics.

If you think you fit the criteria you can go ahead and apply for the scholarship. Remember that you have to be part of an ethnic minority (like African American or Native Americans) or a female student in order to apply for the grant worth up to $7,500. A total of 26 grants will be awarded in total. You have until February 15, 2018 to apply for this scholarships and we wish you good luck.



306 Replies to “The NCAA awards a $7,500 scholarship for student athletes”

    1. I really need a scholarship for high school .I’m struggling I can’t afford even my own stationary its very heart breaking

  1. I am of age and have tryed a lot to go to university with no success and also orphan of father and mother. They died when i was too young and could not still go on, now i am badly thinking to go to university but i do not have ways to support my studies.
    Do i have a chance of scholarship?

  2. Iam 20 years girl,I have been trying to apply for bursaries but I didn’t get any luck.My parents are not working they are pensioners, So I couldn’t afford to go to university on my own.I hope you can help me so that I can achieve my goal

  3. I am wey rd girl, I have been trying 2 apply 4 bursaries but couldn’t get any, my parents are old nd they can’t afford to sponsor me, pls help me become a future nurse

  4. I am a 24yrs girl, I have been trying to apply for bursaries but couldn’t get any, my parents are old nd not working, they can’t afford my tuition fee, pls help me become a future nurse, help me achieve my dream

  5. I would really love to do a degree course in fashion design. My parents can’t afford it,I really hope you can help me .thanks

  6. if there’s ONE THING I wish to die for;it must be education.please if there’s is an opportunity for undergraduate consider me.

  7. Am really working to see if i can save up for my higher institution fees but its still not enough. I will love to be help

  8. Hi
    I am SORHO NAMBEGUE. An Ivorian student who need to be accept by your institution. I stem from a poor family and my dream is to receive helping. I am not so good in english but I think that you will anderstand my situation. Thank you so much

  9. Dear sir.
    My name is Dechen Dema from Bhutan. I could study till high school only. My father passed away who was the main source of income for the family.
    I now have 2 kids and I m a single parent. Can you please help me so that I can make the future of my kids brighter by upgrading myself with a university degree. Thank you!!!!

  10. Hey,
    I am Mary from Kenya .i have applied for several scholarships but I have not been lucky. Could you please help me get one. I would like to do a coarse in finance and economics

  11. Really I finished my first degree in human resource management and leadership but I don’t have financial to get a master because all my parents they are rural people also when I school and degree my relatives helped me but now they didn’t have fun to me please help me I need master of accounting

  12. I would like a soccer scholarship because I feel that my parents don’t share that they are suffering financially. I really think i have what it takes to become a soccer player because i started playing for my 1st team in primary and high school a year earlier than what is recommended. I’m 16 years old from Zimbabwe Bulawayo.

  13. Let me see your brochure. That,convince me to believed you.
    Secondly,let me see your email and website of the award

  14. Actually am a young programmer aged 15yrs who needs someone to help me hit my goal, in 2018 am willing to join college but my problem is tuition,my mother is actually struggling to pay our tuition,we a three children, I will be happy if I get someone who is actually willing to help me.

  15. am a young bright girl aged 15 looking for a good future by studying as the best student but my probem is school dues ,my takes care of 11 children right now that is why he told me to look for finacial aid may in europe . i shall be glad if u help me out.thanx

  16. My name is Benny Inkiya I want study business now I don’t have money and my both parents are died plz help me. I will be very happy if do that thanks

  17. i am a 21 years old girl i would like to further my study since my parent cant afford to pay for my studies and i would not want my dreams to be shut down.i want to do nursing please help me fulfill my dreams.

  18. Am a young gentle man I would like to get scholarship to study agribusiness since I don’t have funds to do it on my own.pliz someone to help .thank you

  19. Am a girl aged 19,lost my dad when i was very young,my mom is unemployed.I am an ambitious and determined person who wishes to study psychology,am hoping to get a scholarship so that i can fulfill my dreams

  20. Dear sir
    i am Girma from Ethiopia and i have bachelor degree by Information science so i want to make a masters degree.
    thanks a lot.

  21. I am a Sierra leonean by nationality and live in Makeni city, age 45 years with a bachelor degree in Human Resources Management and want to pursue my masters degree, but presently am out of job. I want to capacitate myself for better job.

  22. Dear sir.
    My name is shayan from afghanistan.Really I finished my first degree in finance but I don’t have financial to get a master because all my parents they are rural people also when I school and degree my relatives helped me but now they didn’t have fun to me please help me I need master of accounting…..thank u…

  23. am very happy with this opportunity ,am magdalena Mshana from Tanzania taking bachelor law at the university of Dar es salaam i would like to get this scholarship next year, after my degree thank you very much

  24. my name is Haroon and I am very happy with this opportunity.. I have done bachelor degree from our university but I couldn’t continued my further study so I am looking and wish to continue my study…i want to master in International relations or in public administration..hope will give me a chance or support than will be thankful… thanks

  25. MY NAME GABULA JOSHUA from uganda taking a Diploma in Clinical Medicine at Kampala International University and Director of Arisedevinafriacanchild uganda A NGO that helps child who are orphans

  26. My name is Yemsrach Tsegaye I’m 21 years old my first degree in construction technology management my father and mother is dead please I will like to get a scholarship to study interior design or related courses

  27. I also want this scholarship because my father is a local bus driver. He doesn’t pay money for my studies. I want to do m. Phl in zoology. Thank you.

  28. My age is 21 years old. My aim is to become a professor in zoology. If you give me a scholarship then I continue my studies and got admission in m. Phil zoology. Because my father is a local bus driver. He doesn’t paid a lot of money for my studies. Plz help me and gave me a scholarship .l am still waiting for your positive response. Please please please. Thank you.

    1. Now I am studying in bahauddin zakariya university in Pakistan in m. S. C zoology. But next I want to study m. Phil zoology in abroad at scholarship base And also do ph. D in zoology to become a perfect and decent professor. Please help me and gave me a scholarship.l want scholarship in 2019 when I completed my master degree. I hope you never disappointed me. I am needy student and deserve this scholarship otherwise I will suicide because nobody is helping me in achievement of my aim. Because I know my luck is very bad if you don’t help me it is better for me to leave this world. Thank you.

  29. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to apply for a scholarship. i was awarded a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy from the University of Morality in Florida a Christian University which is worth US1,000.I was awarded this Doctorate for my contribution towards Academia, Minister of the Eucharist as well as a philanthropist My desire is to have a Honorary Doctorate so i am happy for this opportunity to apply to your organization.I am the holder of a Diploma in Occupational Health and safety, Bs in Management,Bsoc in Public Communication,Post Graduate Diploma in Education and a Masters in Project Management.Grateful for your consideration of my application,since i cannot afford the amount ofUS1,000.i am 64 year old retired as an Assistant Commissioner of Taxes but would like to achieve this award. Hoping to hear from you soon

    Peter Fraser

  30. Dear Sir /Madam
    .l am an African young lady applying for a scholarship to study .I hold an honours degree in Development Studies and l was hoping that l get a scholarship to do my masters in Development Studies l already got accepted but l do not have financial AID. School is starting on the 5th of February .May you please assist me .Educariob is the only thing that keeps me going

  31. I am pursuing Bachelor of Economics with the Cavendish university, am in third semester now I have no money continue with my studies, kindly help me with the grant so that I can complete my studies.

  32. Hello
    I just read through the conditions needed for a scholarship and realised that schoolarship is awarded to candidates with a GPA score of 3.2 on 4.0. I am a Physiotherapist holding a Bachelor degree with a GPA of 2.92 which disqualifies me from being awarded a scholarship. I feel disappointed but still wrote back to show you because I am very grateful that you wrote to me giving me details on how to get a scholarship. Thanks a million. How I wish I could be awarded a scholarship with a GPA of 2.92.

  33. Iam kondwani Fyson Ramsy from Malawi, i have been selected to pursue my tertiary education in BSc of Education science Technical at the university of Malawi the polytechnics.Iam needy deserving student of which my parents only mother cannot afford to pay me the required school fees so i write this letter to seek for School fees scholarship.

  34. I will be glad to have this scholarship ……with your help it can be possible……………I am grateful for this opportunity that is approaching towards me ……… thank u

  35. I’m 20 years old. A student at Kenyatta university Kenya persuing bachelor of education science. I’m in my third semester but having difficulties paying my tuition fee. Kindly help me.

  36. I want to study towards pharmacy.I am an orphan I hace been trying to apply for bursaries but I am failing.I need someone who can supporte with full tuition fees. I will be gla to get this scholarship.

  37. I want to study towards pharmacy.I am an orphan I hace been trying to apply for bursaries but I am failing.I need someone who can support me with full tuition fees. I will be glad
    to get this scholarship.

  38. I am from Ethiopia. This is a great opportunity for me. I want to study architecture. I believe that the scholarship will be awarded to me.
    Thanks !!!

  39. I’m Rwandan,on 18 January of this year I will graduate but I have the debt of last year and I wish to continue my studies in masters in finance,my parents are indigent as they can not fund the school fees to me,please I beg you,help me to achieve to my ambition

  40. Hi,I would really appreciate if my dream of studying information technology was made a reality. Please help me make it come true.Thank you.

  41. Hello my name is rediet mekonnen and i am from ethiopia and i was hoping to find a scholarship in bsc nursing

  42. Dear Sir/madam,
    Iam Humphrey Bwalya from Zambia.Iam a young man who has always wanted to go for higher in education but financial incapabilities prevent my dreams to come true.Sir/madam may you please help me to acquire a free scholarship abroad In either public health or environmental health.Thankyou in anticipation.

  43. ,y name is Gemechisa Gemtesa from Ethiopia I need to apply for the scholarship but my GPA is only 2.8 from Addis Ababa University

  44. Am Ricard from Uganda my interest is education but I don’t have money for masters I do request for scholar ship thanks

  45. i am really in need of a scholarship to do a bachelor in law,
    am 19 years of age and i live in a corrupt country and community.
    i believe doing this course will enable me change ma community,coutry and continent of africa at large

  46. I am Ekuma, Emmanuel Ajim from Nigeria, I studied Agric economics, management and extension in my first degree, seriously in need for postgraduate studies (Msc), but being incapacitated by lack of finance.If by God’s grace I secured scholarshup opportunity anywhere in the world,I will be happy. Thanks

  47. I am applying for a scholarship at your institution. I want to Study neurological science because l have a passion . l have O’level passes in physics, Biology and Chemistry. Looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.

    Cell number: 0778872399

  48. hi iam dr fazal wahab .. iam in search of phd scholarship in poultry science from foriegn…if there is any oppertunity for me kindly let me know…
    thanks in advance

  49. Dear Educational grant team,
    I am Dalhatu Ibrahim Abubakar looking for scholarship in IT SECURITY My feature will be batter only if you give me the chance

  50. Hie
    l am a girl aged 18, l am applying for a scholarship at your institution. My passion is to study social work.l completed my “A” level studies and obtained 10 points ( literature in english, divinity and history). l need your help because my parents cant afford to pay for the studies. I hope you a going to consider my application

  51. I really want to continue my study and I need your help because my parents can’t afford, so I need a scholarship.

    Thank you

  52. I finished my diploma in 2014 in the course of education…. I also won many wards in the teaching profession but my dream is to actualize my dream in curriculum development ….amd I believe if given this chance I promise to do my best and see myself excelling.

  53. I have finished my bachelor’s degree last year …so, I want to continue my further studies as my don’t support me….because their condition is not they have financial problem…

  54. Hello
    I am Bhutanese girl and have completed class 12… As science student and for further education my poor parents cannot affort for my education education….
    I was left out with tears and hurt though no choice indeed.
    Help me please at least for my fruitful future…
    Help me at least giving me an opportunity…
    Fashion designer will also work…
    Thank u

  55. Hi my name is Mansoor Mushtaq from Afghanistan , I have completed my studies in Afghanistan , a few months ago I can talk in 5 languages
    And I have got 92,3% from school , I want to be a doctor , so is there any scholarship for me?

  56. My name is ojwang laston am an orphan i managed to my course in civil engineering on a certificate level and i did well so i wanted to continue with my studies until i complete my phd on civil engineering sir but i dot have money for fees that is why am requesting you members to support me sir.

  57. I have been under windle trust bursary but after finishing my diploma in clinical medicine the program ended
    I wish you could give me another opportunity to finish my bachelor degree in medicine and surgery.
    Thanks am very greateful for what the organization has done for every one.

  58. Am a girl with 22 years old am in need of taking masters of special education and inclusive..please i need your help because my parent can’t afford the fees and accomodation.. am ready to study any country and at any university which offer that course, even if someone will be ready to pay for my master so as i can study inside my country Tanzania, am ready for it..

  59. Im a girl with 22 i want to get masters based On microbiology but i have no fund, am ready to study any country at any university which offer that course.

  60. I am a girl aged 22 , I completed my A level and obtained 13 points. Am looking for help in order to proceed with education. My parents passed away and being an orphan my financial background is weak. Help me

  61. i am so happy if i get the chance to have achance of upgreading my bsc degree in hydrolics engeenring in msc .if it can success i am sure of that to the worlds water reasource to peoples dayly need fulfilment.

  62. my dream is to become an orthodontist and i would wish it to come true by doing my university in the UK.currently am pursuing my O level which i would be done by june 2018.i really pray that i get a scholarship.thank you..

  63. I would like a scholarship in foreign language such as : english french and arabic in your university.

  64. Sometimes I wonder ,are these scholarships real.Been applying none stop but nothing, still no luck. I would like a scholarship to study forensic sciences

  65. my name is moti takele from ethopia i need to apply for the scholarship from jimma university and also i will be happy if my request is being granted

  66. I wish to go abroad one day and persue my Medical and bioscience degree ..Am a 18 years old girl who will like to fulfill her dreams but due to being raised by jobless parents and not having funds to go to university i couldn’t go to school that when i thought i should seek help ….Really need this opportunity..

  67. I’m from Africa ( South Sudan ) so any help to have chance for my master degree in human resource management if possible please .
    Thanks and regard .

  68. i want get scholarship because i want to continue my study i am intermediate and i want to continue my master program also i am a Chinese student

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