Associate degree students can use this $1,000 grant to pay for school

Even if you’re enrolled with an associate degree you can still get funding

Associate degree scholarships aren’t the most common ones, but if you look hard enough you’ll find some

Offline or online associate degree programs can definitely help save you money, since they cut your learning time in half. Instead of spending four full years in a program, you’ll commit to only two. But even if you can save money with an offline or online associate degree, doesn’t mean they are inexpensive or that you don’t have to pay at all.

Students attending an offline or online school should know that scholarships are the answer to financial woes. And even if your traditional or online school of choice doesn’t offer funding or has run out of scholarships, you should know there are plenty of associate degree scholarships that may help you cover the cost of tuition and related expenses.

Unlike loans, scholarships and grants are both forms of financial aid which you don’t have to pay back upon graduation. They are most often available directly for tuition, but some also help cover some additional costs. And as you probably know by now, scholarships are awarded based on merit, but also based on other things such as talent in a certain field or a well-written essay.

Or maybe you are part of a certain class of individuals – for example people who have an affiliation with a certain company or those who are part of the military. If that’s the case, you might be able to find funding with organizations seeking to support these individuals.

For example, if you are part of the Marine Corps or are a veteran and you want to pursue an associate degree online, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation can help you secure funding to pay for your education.

On top of that you need to have a minimum GPA of 2.0, as well as a family adjusted gross income for the 2016 tax year that does not exceed $96,000.

Note that applicants pursuing a full undergraduate degree, second bachelor degree or graduate school are not eligible to apply for this funding.

Another scholarship for associate degree students is the one offered by the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society to its struggling financial members who are seeking to enter an associate degree program.

Take note that only Phi Theta Kappa members in good standing are eligible to apply for this one. On top of that you need to demonstrate a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship is open for students who have encountered an unanticipated financial barrier on their road to gain a degree such as loss, natural disaster or complete loss of income.

Students can earn up to $1,000 if they are chosen by the Phi Theta Kappa committee. The scholarship is open twice a year with a Spring term and Fall term. At this moment you can submit your application. The scholarship program is accepting submissions until December 1, 2017.

The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society is home to other scholarship programs for Associate students and we recommend you browse through them all to see if there are others you could apply to.



171 Replies to “Associate degree students can use this $1,000 grant to pay for school”

  1. I would like to apply for the grants for our disadvantage youth in my community. We are an institution called DC Dynamic College in Mafikeng Northwest Province in South Africa. We recruited about 60 learners for the course in Information Technology End User Computer and Technical Support. Your kind assistance will be appreciated.

  2. Halo My name is Patrick Pearson Mugadura am 19 years old and would ask if you can consider me for the grant to study computer animation 3d with sail University

  3. My name is jessa rama from philippines i want to take up a business course i want to apply for educational grant hope i will be the one to be selected..



  4. My name is Philmon Chikakuda from Malawi i want to take up a law course i want to apply for educational grant hope i will be the one to be selected..

  5. Please I would love to study mechanical engineering but my parents can’t afford it so I really need this scholarship so much. I would be very happy and grateful if I can get the scholarship.

  6. Hello my name DIDAR ASLAM from PAKISTAN I would love study to ECONOMIC with I help of the scholarship i Want to take up deptment of ECONOMIC 3 Samsiter I want to apply economics scholarship kindle assist me please

  7. I will like to study degree inthe public health, this scholarship will be a great opportunity to me as my fanacial is out of my parent’s hands.

  8. I want to study in the USA or Canada on scholarship. I need information on masters scholarship programs. Kindly help me.

  9. A university is quite good. I want to study business administration.would you help me to get an offer for a place at the University?

  10. My names are Iliamupu Joseph and I am 35 years old and Zambian male. I would like to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Medicine on full scholarship including travel and visa expense. Please, consider my plight.
    Thank you in anticipation for considering my application.
    My contact number: +260 955 453445

  11. My name is Tarusenga Matibe(mr), aged 43,Currently studying BTechEd (Hons) Degree in Civil and Construction Engineering at NUST, to complete May 2018, willing to do MSc in Construction Engineering or related field. Desperately looking for sponsors /scholarships to fud my education to help develop Africa.

  12. I compose music and teach children even writing songs but my interest is in Child Development and Children Ministry. I’ll be grateful if considered. Karungi Fortunate
    Kampala Uganda

  13. I wish to study fashion and designing and I don’t have money for school fees of which that’s my dream career pliz help me

  14. Hello am Mary William i would like to study medicine to apply on your grants by getting scholarship hope you will think about me….

  15. Dear all
    I am from the third world country, Ethiopia. I have MSc in Space Physics with CGPA 3.82 in a scale of 4. Currently, I am a fourth year PhD student in Space Science in Ethiopia. I have significant shortage of funds to complete my dissertation according to my proposal. So, please! Would anyone provides me information on how to get financial support to complete my dissertation? I am very happy to send my proposal to any volunteer in supporting my work. Thank you in advance!

  16. Hello! I went to do a master’s degree in biodiversity conservation, I met a funding problem that may hunt me to finish! help me if there is a way! I am in DRC

  17. Am 3rd year student in Uganda Christian University, pursuing Bachelor of Business administration. In Uganda -Kampala. I love to get scholarships in MBA from you by next year (September) thx.

  18. I am a man aged 35 currently studying a degree in BED Honours Agriculture .I would want to get an assistance to have a scholarship to persue my studies.I am interested in Agriculture , so I would want to continue studying agriculture full-time up to MSC

  19. I am a man aged 35 currently studying a degree in BED Honours Agriculture .I would want to get an assistance to have a scholarship to persue my studies.I am interested in Agriculture,so I would want to continue studying Agriculture full-time up to MSC .My contact number +263776180458

  20. Dear all
    I am from developing country, Ethiopia. I am a high school completed student scoring good result that I will attach my certificate.I were a science student and looking to study B.Sc in medicine . I have significant shortage of funds to continue my education since I am from a poor farmer living in the village. So, please! Would you provide me some fund or information on how to get financial support to proceed my education so that I will help my poor family ,my younger brothers,sisters and my self ? I am very happy to send my certificate to you and waiting to hear from you!. Thank you in advance! God bless you!

  21. i wish to join masters of computer science from your school
    will you help me with some scholarship?
    your positive response will highly be welcomed and may the Good Lord bless you.

  22. Hi! My name is Issa Kamara, from the University Of Sierra Leone. I would like to offer a course on Sociology. Please help me.

  23. Hey. My name is Isaac Gitau from kenya, a developing nation and would like to take a BCs of science in Industrial Chemistry
    Please help me get a scholarship
    Hope you will consider my humble request

  24. My name is Nobuntu Mhlongo, I’m doing a Deploma in Management sciences in Operations,I need financial assistance to pay my fees at Durban University of Technology.

  25. Hi I’m looking for assistance to my studies. In my family we have a huge challenge about financial problems.what vi want to emphasise is that I need assistance from this scholarship. Youth faithfully William saphokale

  26. greeting am abungwi lionel from Cameroon
    i will like to study animal nutrition can you please support me financially

  27. Hi I am Asavela from South Africa,to study abroad was always my dream.I would love to do psychology or social worker please can you help,I believe healing the soul will give birth to love ,peace,generosity , to life, because we need it Thank you.

  28. Hi iam Justine from Kenya I will like to study educationteaching of agriculture and biology please can you support me financially.

  29. My name is Ahmed Abdirahman from Somalia, Hargeisa .
    I want to take up a Softward Computer course..
    I want to apply for educational grant hope i will be the one to be selected..


  30. My name is Joseph Niyongira, hardheartedly,i wish to be a master in sociology or development study.i need a help .thank you so much!!

  31. Hi there am margaret i study at kenya institute of business management if i get the grant i can continue with my study am stranded confused and feeling owkward… If this happens it will be a testimony thank yoi love you all

  32. hi, am Kennedy katama from Kenya.
    l would like to pursue in bachelor of agricultural education and extension but I’ve financial problems, please consider me .thank you.

  33. Hi, My name is Christine Ger, from Nairobi Kenya. I would like to study Electronic Communications. Kindly help me make my dream come true.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank You.

  34. hello
    to whom it may concerned.
    firstly i salute you heartly from Tanzania East Africa .I am actaully being attracted to study Computer Science but being stacked with economic barriers I failed to manage my studies both in my country or oustside.
    currently I am volunteering as A PROJECT PLANNER in TANZANIA AND RWANDA TO SOME various NGO’S.
    Thank you very much and be blessed a lot.
    i look foward to hearing from you

  35. Good evening dear
    I’m Louise Gobou dore from guinea, I’m currently in Ghana. I will to study logistics and transport. I will like you help me financially to pursue my career. I will be so grateful to hear from you.

  36. Thanks for this offer!I would like to do degree in electrical engineering,how and what can i do to be there?thanks from Uganda

  37. I am Kindly thanhsful for scholarships group for considering me. This sword will helps me to upgrade and starting masters degree in public health or nutrion and make our dreams come true. I think I not only promote my self but others fellows never hesitate and overstate again.
    Thank you.

  38. First of all, I am grateful to you for the opportunity of providing such help. My name is Tabor Gebeyehu Setegn. I am glad in writing this letter with the anxiety at informing you my readiness if I get chance of this scholarship. Because, scholarship is the best way to get further specialized studies and accomplish career goals. It also helps once finance tuition fees and enable him/her to fully concentrate on his/her Education. So, I wish to benefit from the opportunity you gave for students around the globe and kindly to inform you that I have become particularly interested to attend my MSc Degree in any courses related to my background study. Kindly help me out, I have BSc Degree in Water Supply and Environmental Engineering. I will appreciate if my request is kindly granted. Thank you in advance!
    Phone Number +251-912-49-60-06

  39. Hello,my name is addisu,i am now a preparatory school student(grade 11)!! i need free scholarship for undergraduate students. so please assist me.

  40. Hi, I’m doing my send year Bcomm Accounting, I would like you to sponsor me for a third year next year in 2018

  41. Dear members
    My name sebeko Piet mzanemdi , e-mail address : mzanemdisebeko@gmail , contact number 0736164624 , I received massage on my e-mail to follow theirs educational grant ……. I need to studies degree r deplome on safety officer …. I have attended oxbridge academy occupational health and safety on 2016 , so please I need help ….. I’m working as OPERATOR at ROCKENT INDUSTRIAL SERVICES.

  42. hello
    i would like to go either for a degree in nursing or a degree in mental health nursing and addiction.
    please help me to a achieve my dream
    am a registered psychiatric nurse

  43. Hi
    First of all, I am grateful to you for the opportunity of providing such help.My name’s ShaheidMohamedian,I’m 27 i studied economic and commercial studies .Please assist me. I am Sudanese

  44. Hi
    My name is sanelisiwe I’m in grade 12 and I would kindly like to be offered a chance by receiving this scholarship it would really mean a lot for as i want to do pharmacy.
    Thank you

  45. Hi My name is Samuel Oyirwoth,i would like to do degree in Degree in Development Studies and i need your full assistance including the visa.Am in Uganda.

  46. Dear Sir/ Madam
    First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all who prepare these opportunities and acknowledge you for offering such educational opportunities for developing countries, especially for Sub Saharan Africa. My name is Bizat Bitre Keta from Ethiopia. I have been got my BSC degree in Nov/ 14, 2014 from Dilla University on the field of plant science with cumulative G.P.A of 3.02. Currently, I’m working in Ethiopia institute of Hawassa University as senior technical assistant (Graduate assistant) in Agronomy laboratory. I am eager to continue my master’s program in plant science and related fields. But, due to financial incapability still, I couldn’t attend my advanced study to update my skills and knowledge. Now I’m seeking a full scholarship to attend my master’s program. So I am kindly requesting you to help to get the chance and I am looking your prompt response.
    With Best regards

  47. Good afternoon madama/sir
    My name is Zama makhalima from South Africa , i just finished writing my final examination today I’d like to get a scholarship . I am interested in oncology nursing or biomedicine.

    Thank you

  48. i am Mulugeta from ethiopia.. i have BSc in chemical engineering. i kindly request u to help me with my MSc in related field..1

  49. Hi i am muhamemed camara from the Gambia. Is been four years since i completed O level studies and, i can’t to further my education. I wish this grant could be my opportunity.

  50. Hi I am Obsinet Eshetu from Ethiopia.Ihave Bsc in Agricultural Iam kindly requesting you to help me to get the chance of Msc in applied economics.

  51. HI i am Mulenga Kabwe from Zambia .i have a certificate in insurance,i kindly need your help with getting a scholarship for film-making program offered in china.i have a deep passion for this program (DIgital cinema and video production) ,i would really appreciate if you help me .i have experience and full dedication,i am photographer,a videographer and cinematography .i have work i have done before .you can check for me on facebook :name Mulenga Kabwe ,on you tube :Mulenga Cyler .you can contact me my email or phone :+260971532196.
    please get back to me,as soon as possible you get this .thank you for your time .

  52. Hello.I am James Humphrey Ochieng from Kenya and I would like to request for your funds please so that I can pay my fees.Am partaking a bachelor’s degree program in my first year.please help me meet my financial status so as to make a difference in my studies.I promise to avail the receipts for every Payment made.its my humble prayer that you will help me out.All I need is $1000 please.Am looking forward for your reply.

  53. My name is peter fred kadzanja from Malawi ,am Doing Degree in Accounting at Riverton University second semester but unfortunately i wasn’t write examination for July to December 2017 because of lack of school fees.This school is found in Lilongwe Capital City. I’ll really appreciate if I was granted this amazing scholarship offer, for I will do my level best to study hard and not let the sponsor down

  54. hello my name is sadiq from nigeria i want like to pursue my study in agricultural eduation i need your help.

  55. Hi! I am Hilario Junior Dos Santos, a Mozambican by Nationality.
    I have no much to say. However, I would like you to help me to do Communication….
    Please help me!

    Yours faithfully!

  56. I am a girl with no father. My father died last last monthes back. And I am just fourteen years but I want to do PH.d in physics but my mother can’t help me to do so I am looking for scholarship for my studies or else I can’t study further. So please help me

  57. iam aboy from the poor family and i studied sciences in high school and i want to study medicine and surgery with this scholarship will you help me

  58. Hello sir/madam, I am Sam G. David from Liberia and I really need your help financially or by mean of scholarship to make my dream come through.

  59. Dear scholaship committee,

    I am applying for master programs in communication sciences to complete my formation.your help is for great importance to my environment.
    Burundi-Bujumbura, Enock Nijimbere

  60. Hi,I’m Yohane Mhanga from Tanzania.I humbly request help to get scholarship in my pharmacy study for my first bachelor. thanks for taking my concern into accord

  61. hello am Joseph Niyonshuti from Rwanda and am interested in your scholarship!!!hope it is put under your consideration!!!thank you so much

  62. hi, i am longoli joseph from uganda currently struggling to finish ma course of general medicine and surgery please give me the light on how i can support to finish my course. supposed to be in going for fourth year

  63. Hi, am continue student at kampala international university in uganda. studying bachelor of laws, am currently in financial constrain and unable to pay tuiton. is possible for me to benefit from the grant so that i complete my tuition fee?
    Thank you

  64. Hello Sir/Madam
    I will be glad if you grant my humble request
    I will really appreciate
    Best Regards


  65. Please for the sake of almighty God help to get this scholarship, i want to study computer science but i am in lack of financial support, please i am in niger


  67. am studying human resource management and this is my 3rd year at lupane state university in Zimbabwe
    need assistence in completing my bachelor degree through funds

  68. Hello afternoon am Loise kamau from Kenya I would like to study psychological counselling which is going to be a big help in ma community I want to study with grant because of lack of money I have been t home for an year due to lack of money

  69. Hi I am Chantelle kindly looking for a scholarship to study a Bachelor in Accounting Sciences in Financial Accounting.

  70. hello my name is joshua from kenya i would like to study computer courses to enjoy my life time if possible inbox me and show me how to apply in a simple way.

  71. Hi,i have been selected to study bachelor of science in Pubulic Health at the university of livingstonia in Malawi.I have no school fees.I be glad if you may sponser me

  72. My name is emmanuel manuchimso am from a poor background i jst got admission into futo owerri nigeria nd i need a scholarship to help me pay for my institution fees pls assist in civil engineering department.tanks in anticipation.

  73. Dear all
    I am from developing country, Ethiopia. I am a high school completed student scoring good result that I will attach my certificate.I were a science student and looking to study B.Sc in medicine . I have significant shortage of funds to continue my education since I am from a poor farmer living in the village. So, please! Would you provide me some fund or information on how to get financial support to proceed my education so that I will help my poor family ,my younger brothers,sisters and my self ? I am very happy to send my certificate to you and waiting to hear from you!. Thank you in advance! God bless you!

  74. I have M.Sc. degree in botanical science from Jimma university Ethiopia, if I get Phd by related field I am happy to join and I am waiting to hear from you.

  75. Greetings to you my name is Gamuchirai chirima.I am 19 and l am from Zimbabwe. I am in my final year studying for my diploma in Art and design at Peterbirtch college of Art, one of my greatest achievement was coming out 2nd in the FAO Food contest being the only lady in the top three in Zimbabwe .I will be greatful to you and use the scholarship wisely to explore new ideas and share my talents with the world .Please find a place in ur heart to help me achieve my goals.Thank you .

    Your Sincerely

    Gamuchirai Chirima.

  76. I would like to apply for the grants for our disadvantage youth in my community. We are an institution called TVET College in Ethiopia. We recruited about 60 learners for the course in Information Technology End User Computer and Technical Support. Your kind assistance will be appreciated.

  77. \aIam Diana Chepkurui from Kenya and requesting for scholarship degree in Agribusiness economics and food industry in Europe

  78. Am a Ugandan and I would love to have a masters in environment and public health in UK .With due respect,love and honour am requesting for a face-face study scholarship.thanx

  79. The Master degree one of my goals, I almost done from B.Se of Geo-informatics (RS & GIS), and I need this scholarship to improve myself and my career.

  80. I am a Mosotho girl aged 18 and I would like to get a scholarship to study mechanical engineering, I have a high school diploma currently.

  81. I am zinetmohammed i like to study marketmanagement ….i have a high school diploma but i didn’t start learning university please give me this chance.

  82. I would be very grateful, If get scholarship to study in Australia. Since I’m poor financially though interest to study and upgrade. Help Me!

  83. I would like to get a scholarship today study in Australia as, i can’t further study due to financial reasons within my family

  84. Hello,may God grant you success for your efforts in helping to explore the people’s feelings and talents for their good future thanks so much, I’m Tumuhimbise Osbert from western Uganda I have suffered throughout all my life in order to attain education,iam willing to help the sick that is I wish to study nursing but I can’t manage to pay for the required tuition please people of God help me with sponsor

    1. hi my name is eghosa asemota I like to study geology in the university but fund is the issue this grant will actually change my future thanks

  85. hi am Damalie i would some assistance, i would like to study Masters in Business Administration. Thanks will be happy to get your reply.

  86. Hellow I would like to study about civil engineering please grant me an offer of scholarship because my parents can’t afford to pay me for the studies in abroad

  87. Please i want fully-funded scholarship in studying Political Economy and Development Studies at masters level.

  88. My name is Ibrahim captain i am from Nigeria I want to study medicine and surgery please help me I got admission already in Donetsk national university Ukraine but the sponsor become hard please help me

  89. Hi. I am Dalia from sudan I want to study archeaology and history . master program in itely (Icrom) please hlep me . Thainks

  90. Hey. My name is Luyando sianyeuka and I’m from Zambia I want to study aeronautical engineering. Please help me. I would really appreciate

  91. Thanks ,am called Waiswa micheal from uganda and I would like to apply for civil and building engineering ,so what can I do thank you very much

  92. With due respect am Aisha from nigeria i will appreciate if i am giving scholarship to study Bsc in nursing i cant afford to further i studied diploma in science laboratory technology thnks i just hope i will be considered

  93. HI I would like to study biomedical in university, please give me the scholarship so that I can continue my studies

  94. Good afternoon am Nantege Gladys ,I want to continue wih my CPA studies (Certified Public Accountacy).Am kindly requesting for scholarship.thank you very much

  95. I am by name julius osemu , a graduate of computer science. i wish to acquire my MS degree in computer science.

  96. My name is Kristine Arnaiz, and I would like to take BS Pharmacy and I hope to be chosen as one of the scholar.

    Hoping for a positive response
    Thank you and Good day

  97. good afternoon? i would like to take Kenya sign language. kindly assist. any assistance will be highly appreciated. thankyuo.

  98. Hello, my name is Issa from Rwanda and I’m a secondary school leaver last year 2017 , I’ve got excellent national examinations results however the problem I face most is financial support b please I beg you to help me pursue either medicine, pharmacy or nursing with this opportunity as it’s my dream since I was young to help the sick people , please help me make my dreams come true , thanks in advance , I’m looking forward to hear from you

  99. fistly I would like to thank for giving us this precious and golden opportunity.My name is kefita kaba.I am an Ethiopian.I have BSc in chemistry with aGPA 3.77.I would like to study masters in any chemistry fields.EDUCATION IS THE KEY ELEMENT IN SOLVING SOCIETAL PROBLEM AND SIMPLIFYING THE LIFE OF SOCIETY.WORLD IS LIKE AN EMPTY POCKET WITH OUT EDUCATION!!!!.So I want to be one of the agents that solve problems rleated to chemistry in my country as well as in the world wide.I am confident that you will consider me and my wish. What you dreamis what will get you.THANKs!

  100. Hi my name is Emmanuel Mwila, I would like as well in computer technology or plumbing engineering …Zambia

  101. I’m Honore Manirarera I live eastern Rwanda I’m still studying.
    I request for sponsorship to continue my studies in USA in medicine department.
    Be blessed.

  102. Thank you for giving us this precious opportunity. I Am Kenyan from Rift valley.My dream is to be a civil engineer and provide enough safety for every creature around the world,with your kind support I will be able to pursue my career.God bless you.

  103. Hi Good morning sir, please I’m Georgina Ewusie Wilson, I hv completed a diploma course but furthering in the degree field has been a problem and a burden due to financial constraints. Please I will be very grateful if you can offer me a scholarship to further, hopping to hear from you soon thank you

  104. I request for the grant to help me attain my maiden degree in public health which has always been my passion.
    Could not proceed due to financial challenges in the family.

  105. Dear Sir/Madam:
    I wish to further my Education on Economics,in the brance of accounting.
    I wound be grateful to you and do my best in the study. Thanks.

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