Driven and ambitious students can earn up to $25,000 in funding

You don’t need to have a high GPA to get funding for college

Demonstrate rock solid ambition to achieve your goal and the AXA Foundation will sponsor your education

The scholarship process can be an intimidating and grueling task for many students of traditional or online universities. It can even be scary for parents who don’t have the financial means to support their children’s college ambitions.

According to many students, the hardest part of applying for grants for school is finding the appropriate scholarships. You can easily get confused by the sheer amount of them, not to mention you need to worry about avoiding scammers too.

To get started, it recommended students of online universities sit down and write a list of activities, organizations, interests, companies and other areas they are involved with. Try answering questions like “What organizations, companies I am involved in?”, “What topics I am passionate above” or “What are some skills that I possess?”

It might not seem these question have to do with finding a scholarship, but they do. You see, if your main skill is writing essays, then you can put that to good use and start researching scholarships which require creative writing to apply. Or for example, you might have spent your high school years doing a lot of community work or trying to set up a photography club at your school.

If that’s the case, you will be able to apply for a scholarship like the one offered by the AXA Foundation. Soon to be students of offline or online universities who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in non-academic activities in school, community or workplace are invited to apply.

Through the AXA Achievement Scholarship program, students can access funding for school via the $2,500, $10,000 or $25,000 scholarships. Additionally, for every student who wins a scholarship, a $1,000 grant will be deposited with the winner’s school.

While applicants for the scholarships offered by the AXA Foundation can come from ethnically or economically diverse backgrounds, they need to share these qualities: ambition, drive, determination to reach their goals, respect for self and their families, as well as the ability to succeed in college.

The AXA Achievement Scholarship program is currently accepting entry, so if you think you have what it takes, you can go ahead and start work on your application already.

You can apply for this scholarship without worrying about it being a scam, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of fake bursary programs out there. How do you make sure you stay away from them? You need to look out for a few things.

Scams have zero requirements aside from entering your basic information. Some might ask for a 100 character or less “essay”.

You should start thinking twice about applying for a grant, if it’s awarded weekly or monthly, as most legit scholarships are offered once or twice per year.

A big red flag is when the scholarship provider asks for your social security number. Under no circumstances give that one out, as only the FAFSA – a government institution – is the only legitimate website that should ask you for that information.

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