Master a certain subject? You apply for a $2,500 grant

Students with broad knowledge of a topic can take a quiz and win money for college

If you master a topic well, you are invited to put this knowledge to good use by taking a quiz and win money to pay for your college education.

Have you recently enrolled with accredited schools online or offline or are you currently searching for degree programs that fit your criteria? If that’s the case maybe you want to hear about a great opportunity to earn a scholarship.

No matter how affordable your accredited schools online or offline degree might be, getting a grant to cover the tuition is a benefit of being a student in the digital age. You see, since everyone these days has the Internet at their disposal, it’s a lot easier to be up to date with all the scholarship opportunities out there.

That’s why students of degree programs today don’t usually pin all their hopes only on the scholarship opportunities offered by their universities of choice. Far from it, today you can go online and easily find other scholarship opportunities that might bring in the money for college you need. You should also remember, there’s no written law saying you can’t be the beneficiary of more than one scholarship.

The key is to apply for lots and lots of scholarships – as many as you can. Just applying to one program does not guarantee you will be successful. That’s why applying to multiple programs has you covered.

In some instances, even your parents can help you win college money. How so? For example, check out the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation. Do you happen to love reading Reddit’s Today I Learned thread? Do you know lots of things from different areas? If that’s the case for you, then you should really think of applying to one or two of these scholarships.

All you need to do is take a quiz, show the Common Knowledge Foundation what you know and win a scholarship. Or you could get one of your family members to do it instead.

Students with the highest scores at the end of each competition will win an award ranging from $250 to $2,500.

The Foundation hosts competitions for students out of school, but must importantly for high-school students and college students approximately each month. For example, in October, you can register to compete for the High School Biology Scholarship or for the College Medical Terminology Scholarship. So if you have vast knowledge in these areas, we invite you to apply.

No other documentations are required to enter this competition. The Foundation does not require you to make proof of your GPA or to send in letters of recommendation or long boring essays.

Even in this scholarship program might sound too good to be true, this is an exception. Yes, it does not come with a long list of requirements, as the Foundation is only interested in your knowledge of a certain topic. Period.

The Common Knowledge Foundation does not require you share any personal information like your social security number. You can also read the testimonials of past winners and see full lists of students who have competed in the most recent competitions.

You will need to sign in with an account with Common Knowledge in order to start the application process.

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