Show your commitment for community service and earn this $10,000 grant

Students don’t have to have an excellent academic record to get grants

Even if you haven’t excelled in college or high school, you can still get your higher education funded

Students of distance learning or traditional program often wonder – if you don’t have an A average is there a chance you’ll be able to get a scholarship? Those enrolled in offline or online college classes usually have to worry about finding alternative ways to pay for college. Funding is one of these ways, but most scholarships often have a high GPA requirement.

Fortunately for those striving to get funding for their distance learning or traditional program, not all scholarships focus on high grades. Some sponsors believe excellence in a non-academic area is just enough to earn a student a scholarship.

Such programs might be offered by non-academic institutions that might include your employer or your parent’s employer, your place of worship, hobbyist group, local business, community service organization or unions.

For example, you can pay for your offline or online college classes by applying to the Tylenol Future Care Scholarship. This program targets students who are pursuing careers in healthcare, life science and other related fields.

The scholarship is awarded based on demonstrated leadership qualities and community involvement. While your college GPA will be used to decide which students will receive the grant, there’s no minimum GPA requirement to submit your application.

The Tylenol Future Care Scholarship program also require candidates to submit an essay on a given topic. 10 grants each worth $10,000 will be awarded annually, as well as 30 scholarships each worth $5,000 – but note they are not renewable.

This is a large grant, so you can expect the competition to be fierce. That’s why if you don’t have a strong leadership record and a history of being involved in community activities, it’s best you skip this program. Also take into consideration that the bigger your GPA, the more chance you have at getting accepted.

If you did some volunteering here and there, you can put this experience to good use by applying to the Prudential Spirt of Community Award for a chance to win $1,000 and a trip to Washington D.C. The Prudential Foundation will select an awardee in each state, which will then go on to compete for $5,000 awards.

In order to be eligible to enter the competition, you need to submit your application. After you filled out all the information, you’ll have to get it certified by your school principal or head of a country 4-H organization, Girl Scout council, American Red Cross chapter, YMCA or Affiliate of Points of Light’s HandsOn Network.

The Prudential Spirit of Community Award is sponsored by Prudential Financial in partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principals. The program has been available since 1995 to help students who have been active volunteer secure funding for college.

So even if you are not a straight A student, there are plenty of other opportunities for you provided you have a passion or have been engaged with an activity of some sort (like volunteering) for a while now.


30 Replies to “Show your commitment for community service and earn this $10,000 grant”

  1. Iam male,Zambian citizen resident of Mongu in Western part of the country and one of poorest of the ten regions in the country.I have seen this community service scholarships.As stated,my region is one of the poorest and the entire province has no well functioning library for pupils and students wanting to up grade them selves.Due to high poverty levels very few can afford internet services.Having been a victim of the similar situation,I have over the years using my little resources bought various books and other study material,a few computers and copier to help those poor members of my community who can not afford to buy a text book,computer,have access to such facilities to write their assignments or have a place to study.This resource centre is now catering for the entire province.That is why I had to up grade myself professionally to strengthen my profile in society,but I can’t graduate due to uncleared arrears in tuition fees with AIU.So when I saw this scholarship I feel could be a solution to my situation.My resource centre is called TUTO Resource Center,MonguZambia.

  2. Iam Tinka James Ugandan by nationality iam really Pleased to get in to cannection with you i haver very big plan to develop my community once i get a chance of achiving my Dreams, i Will come up with youth projects such as farming projects, providing them with Entreprenuer skill to Come up with their own firms to earn income in order to aradicate poverty,i Will also advise the parents to educate their children , i Will Make talks a bout how Efective HIV AIDs to youth in Order to atay a way from it and só many others

  3. Iam Tinka James from uganda undeveloped country in the Word, developing country in East África , Uganda as my Mother Land it is blessed with fertilesoils and Condusive climate which favour agricultural activities and Human life when i get the chance of getting an educational Grant i Will find ways how to mobilize my friend ugandans to put in to use the ideal resourses such as fertile Land water bodies Green vegetation in use my bloved God Grant you everlasting life

  4. My name is Tinka James from Uganda East África iam foot boller playing number 7and 2 i support Uganda Crine my home country team and MANU united , i have plaid foot ball since my childhood i happened to be a team carptain in my primaly school and houes carptain in my scorndery school where we managed to be winners if get a chance to tuition at University i Will be Come team carptain at University football games

  5. phd funding for environment in school.i play chess well. i worked as team leader in different activities in school and college.

  6. I am a Kenyan mature age student from Western region. It is one of the most poorest regions in Kenya given that the Abashuu clan of the larger Luhya community relies more on ugali( meal prepared from maize flour) as their staple food. Due to changes in climate and pest invasion the community is left in acute shortage of food. With the grant on offer I will engage the Abashuu community in alternative crop agriculture(finger millet, sorghum, groundnuts, peanuts and sweet potatoes) that will solve many food problems facing households. I believe once households have food on their tables,kids will go to school uninterrupted and completion rates will be high.


  8. I want to be a part of this program but my problem is i stay in south africa do i qualify to eearn this fund other thing is how may i apply for the fund can i use my bank account ? If not please help me to understand

  9. I am a Nigerian . It is a country where the rich re getting richer and poor re getting poorer. No one cares for the poor. Me my family have been feeding from hand to mouth and no one seems to care. I am crying with tears fill my eyes to the world. I need to be educated so that i can show my country that there a great need to help the poor. Since my country don’t care for me, please the whole world, come to my rescue.

  10. Hy, I’m Unathi Mtengwane from South Africa, I’m 13 and in grade 8. I am very academically good and I gather other kidz who are not that good and who can’t learn well because of languages. I need a scholarship because my parents do not work and can’t afford my education anymore. I am very goal driven and dedicated to my school work. I would really like it I get a really good response soon. More information after your confirmation because I’m multi talented, I fit in all fields. Thanks

  11. Putting youth in contex. Unemployment and financial constraints. I came up with an idea of forming a comunity based organisation called Mastermind Youth Development Link-Uganda already registered with division council. whose vision is to create a sustainable develppement for the community. It aimed at providing social,economic and clear creativity and innovation adoption through capacity building,trainings and support Among many others.
    This would be a great opportunity for the actual commence of such a postive and productive project.

  12. I am Enfraime Antonio Matusse, since young I attended the Christian church and learned English. Now I am youth leader, I train the youth how to grow up healthy, non drugs and to create relationship with Christ Jesus. I also teach the young learners English language as I had training course for primary school. I am in Mozambique need of scholarship to do bachelor degree in theology or English language to be help my community in the track taken by youth to polytheism, drugs consuming , communication problems and school forsaking.

  13. “I am studying a Bachelor of public administration, and here in one of the political and administrative sciences, I hope to come into contact with its rich history, shaping the organic structure of the region and its renowned leadership. I hope to share many of the administrative influences great administrators and executives have experienced in my community, in addition to simply enjoying a different way of life. I began my undergraduate degree in my hometown in Rwanda, studying a Bachelor of public administration. Although administration is at the other end of the scale, I have a real passion for the public relations which is something I hope to bring to Rwanda, and build from different inspirations. Upon graduating and completing honors, I hope to do postgraduate studies, researching storytelling and communicating across different mediums in an interactive and virtual environment. I am looking forward to the opportunities that the grant your have been opened up for me and the ways that I can begin to contribute back to the community.”

  14. I am a student at Being Foreign studies university. I am hoping to get a scholarship to proceed my degree. I am in my second year first semester. I am looking forward to it that will be a great help.

  15. Hello. My name is Maya. I would like to ask you about scholarship. Do you you give grants, scholarship for studying in college? What about M.A of economics in the university?

  16. “I am studying a Bachelor of arts anthropology, and here in one of the political and humanitarian studies hope to come into contact with rich history, shaping the organic structure of the region and its renowned leadership. I hope to share many of the administrative influences great administrators and executives have experienced in my community, in addition to simply enjoying a different way of life. I began my undergraduate bachelor degree at the university of Nairobi, studying a Bachelor of arts anthropology. I have a real passion for the anthropology way of relating to people in my community which is something I hope to bring to Kenya, and build from different inspirations. Upon graduating and completing honors, I hope to do postgraduate studies, researching storytelling and communicating across different mediums in an interactive and virtual environment. I am looking forward to the opportunities that the grant your have been opened up for me and the ways that I can begin to contribute back to the community.”

  17. Am a university student by name neba stephani.I study special education in Cameroon I have been attaining seminars and gone for field trips too.I recently visited the orphanage(hotpec-buea) to give the children gifts and a bag of rice . Furthermore I have been assisting children with special needs in their studies cases like the virtually impaired, hearing impaired, physically challenged (Anaesa centre in Douala).I wish I could have a schoolarship position it will help me further my education.

  18. As the main goals of this grant is to help those who are helping communities,we will be gland to corporation to resolve some social issues.Indeed,after realizing this continuous, horrible situation of sub-African countries in response to climate change effects ,i came up with a idea to use my know -how to built Bio-gas Plant to the rural community to reduce the human activity impacts on the earth.This Plant is connected to a bio-fertizer technology in order to reduce the cost of chemical fertilizer.Furthermore,we are thinking to research on the implementation of forams with organisms to improve water retention on the soil.

  19. Hello,am Recheal Namara from Uganda Africa,as the grant aims at community development,i hope to train and equip the youth and women in my village with free computer skills especially the refugees in the camps.This will help in poverty reduction and sustainability of lives.Thank you

  20. i am from Balochistan, the largest in terms of land but the poorest and most backward in Pakistan. despite its dolorous condition it is severely hit by an insurgency initiated by baloch segment of population due to which all sectors have been badly affected specially education and health. i intend to start working to restore education granting activities in the area of Gichk and Keelkore. your financial aid will enable me to achieve success in restoring schooling in the area.

  21. I am Godfriend Addy, Pastor a from Ghana and I hold certificate in ministry of theology and have pastored over twenty-two years as an interpreter mostly in the rural communities to preach the gospel and educate them by providing their fundamental needs for them such as basic education, basic medical care, food, clothing and community development, have been to some of these communities by canoes as the only means of transport to these communities, the source of their livelihood is menial jobs in the villages such as setting trap to catch crabs, fishing in the lagoon and the only means fom one island to another is by canoe. the kids especially some of them naked without clothing and food and dare not to talk about a hospital, they have to travel for about two hours before they can assist for medical attention. I hope if I can even get people to be part of the Labadi Christian Foundation to help run this organization to the glory of God help the needy in the rural communities.

  22. Am Ugandan aged 23 years,in my country Uganda there are jobs for youth, if I get a chance I will use money to establish small projects for development like poultry keeping, digging, as we are exapand,my country Uganda we don’t have jobs and people cannot get basic needs because most are under poverty thanks

  23. Am OWORI ENOCK, currently am running a project in teaching children at schools how to make and use reusable sanitary pads. We provide scholastic materials, basic needs like bed sheets, blankets and mattresses to orphans and vulnerable children in eastern part of Uganda. Our organization I’d called happy human Uganda but we are just in the process of registering our organization. Your consideration shall be highly appreciated

  24. Am Francis Mein from Kenya, been working on a project to help the community have affordable healthcare through a cost effective pharmacy that i helped set up for the last 3years.
    Your financial help would help propel this project to the next level.

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