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Check out this $1,000 scholarship for online students

Online students can also seek funding for their studies

Scholarships specifically targeted at online students tend to be more scarce, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist at all

Going to school, even online can be expensive journey. While on average, online classes tend to be more affordable than their traditional counterparts, you’ll still need to pay the fees associated with the online program you have enrolled yourself in. For example, at Walden University – one of the best online college course providers out there – tuition ranges around $12,000 – which is quite a hefty sum.

If you haven’t saved or planned to take online classes in advance, you’ll probably find yourself unable to pay these fees. Luckily there are other ways to get your hands on funds to pay for that online college course program you’ve always wanted to enroll into. The easiest route to these funds is to apply to scholarships.

While there are many grant opportunities out there, scholarships specifically targeting online students aren’t exactly common place. You will have to search and search and search some more.

That’s because online education is a relatively new development of traditional education, and most scholarship providers are still targeting the majority – and the majority is still attending traditional university. But with the numbers of online students are on the rise, some associations have started offering grants exclusively for online students.

It’s the case of Get Educated – a website which prides itself of being a consumer’s guide to online education. On top of providing users with useful information and tips, Get Educated is also awarding a $1,000 scholarship to students enrolled with an accredited online degree program.

To access the grant, candidates need to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 which is not a super strict requirement, although other scholarships programs will allow you to send in your application even with a GPA of 2.5.

Anyway, Get Educated also requires you to submit a 500-word essay with the title: “What an online college degree means to me”. On top of that you’ll be required to attach a copy of your most recent grade transcripts, as well as a copy of your most recent FAFSA (or your 1040 tax return).

Get Educated awards this scholarship twice a year, so you have a deadline coming up on October 15 and another on March 15.

These is one of the easier to apply to scholarships, as you only need to attach your grade transcripts, as well as the creative essay. So it should take so much out of your precious time. Remember that most scholarship programs will have you submit a lot more documents, while also asking for your input on a number of topics you need to disseminate in a long, boring essay.

In contrast, you’ll be done in no time with this application. Be as candid as possible and tell the jury how earning an online degree will change your life. Have you dreamed all your life of going to college? Are you the first one in the family to do so? Share your experience and hopefully you’ll be among the winners.

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Minority online students can take advantage of this $5,000 grant

Just because you study online, doesn’t mean you can’t get money for college

Online students actively seeking funding for their online degrees, can apply to the program offered by Guides to Online Schools


Saving money for college can be an incredibly hard task, but high tuition rates shouldn’t keep students from enrolling with a program at their offline or online universities. While financial concerns might put you off from chasing your dream at first, you should start considering grants for school as an alternative method to pay for college.

Surely, we’d all sleep better at night if we had a million dollars in our bank account and we’d be able to use some of that money to pay for the tuition which comes from applying to traditional or online universities. But we live in the real world and in the real world not many students can go to university without applying to grants for school.

Online students might have smaller fees to worry about compared to their traditional counterparts, but that doesn’t mean making the payment won’t put a big whole in their budget. That’s why applying for scholarships should be turned in one of your main priority after you have been accepted into an online university program.

And we have some good news for you – as an online student you are part of a group of students who attends classes in the virtual environment. Hence there are some scholarship opportunities that are specifically designed for students who are in the process of completing their educational online.

For example, Guide to Online School is home to two scholarship opportunities. The Community College scholarship targets students enrolled in a public community college, junior college, technical college or city college and who are currently working towards getting a diploma or degree.

The grant is worth $2,000 and will be awarded to a student who can best respond two personaland thought provoking questions in 300 to 500 words.

  1. How will you apply your degree in the future? What do you anticipate for your first five years outside of college?
  2. State any special personal or family circumstances affecting your need for financial assistance.

You have until October 15 to apply for this scholarship.

The second scholarship awarded by Guide to Online Schools is one aimed at Minority students. You’ll have to be enrolled in a private or public school and working towards graduating with a diploma. On top of that you have to be part of one of these ethnic groups: Alaska Native, American Indian, Asian-American, Black (African-American), Hispanic American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

This time Guide to Online Schools will award a more generous $5,000 scholarship, but students also have to answer the same two questions we listed above in order to be eligible to receive the money.

You have until December 31, 2017 to apply for this grant, so if you too are part of a minority don’t hesitate to apply for this scholarship.

Guide to Online Schools previously offered may other scholarships including the Make a Difference Scholarship which asked students to explain how they would change the world and the Military Scholarships.

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Pay for your online degree with this $5,000 video scholarship

GPAs and essays aren’t the only ways to apply for scholarships

Looking to fund your online education? This simple-to-apply scholarship can earn you $5,000 if you have what it takes

What images pop up in your mind when you think of scholarship applications. You probably think of personal statements, essays, short answers and letters of recommendations right? Well that’s not the case for some scholarship applications.

Sometimes scholarship providers want to see the more creative side of you. So if you are a student of offline or online college degrees who is seeking funding for their education, you might want to listen up.

Regardless of whether you’re enrolled with distance learning degrees or traditional ones, you will agree that in order to finish college you need money. Even as online college degrees are cheaper on average, they still come at a pretty high cost. That’s why getting a scholarship is utterly important if you have no desire of starting your life, post-graduation with a major debt you need to worry about repaying.

Traditional or distance learning degrees usually come at a cost which can be covered if you get a few scholarships under your belt. But in order to achieve this feature, you must apply and apply some more.

You’ll have to find scholarships which are easy to apply, not those who require countless hours of work. Surely, you can try to apply for one or two of those, but the bulk of applications needs to go to easier to apply grant programs.

And scholarships which require you to do a quick creative work in order to compete for a grant are available. For example, some programs would have you send in original videos in order to let you win money for college. So, put down your pen and paper and go grab that camera you keep in the garage.

Enter the Project Yellow Light scholarship which awards a grants up to $5,000 to students who create a video through which they encourage friends and other youths from around the country and glove to avoid distracted driving, and specifically, texting while driving.

Video entries are limited to either exactly 25 seconds or exactly 55 seconds and must be shot at least 720 x 480. If an iPhone or an Android phone is used, it is recommended you shoot the footage horizontally and not vertically.

Videos will be judged according to a few criteria including ability to capture the audience, clarity of message and capacity to persuade others to alter their driving habits. Creative expression and the quality of the production will also be taken into consideration.

The grand winner will receive a $5,000 grant, while the runner up will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

If you think you can use your creativity to produce a video that will speak to young people out there, then you should definitely give this scholarship a try. Unlike the majority of funding programs, the Project Yellow Light does not require you send in documentation. The judges panel doesn’t care about your GPA, what they care about is how inventive you can get with the tools you have at your disposal.

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Online students can apply for these $1,000 scholarships at Bemidji State University

Scholarships for online students aren’t so common, but they exist

Online students might have to do some digging before they can find the scholarships specifically targeted at them. You can start with this one

A college or graduate school education can be costly for on-campus and distance learning students, but fortunately there are ways to help ease the burden of these hefty costs.

So how do you get financial assistance to help cover the costs of your online masters degree or bachelor program? The same as traditional students. First off you try and apply for financial aid at the university where you enrolled. However, you need to proceed with caution. Prospective distance learning students should first make sure a program is accredited by the Department of Education. If that’s the case, then the students are definitely eligible to receive federal funds.

Then there’s the decision of whether a student should enroll in a full online masters degree or bachelor or a part-time one. You see this could end up affecting the amount of financial aid you will ultimately get. So keep in mind that many online programs require students to meet credit-hour requirements to receive certain amount or types of aid.

The second route to getting the funding you need for college is to apply for scholarships. But keep one thing in mind. Yes, some scholarship providers are still hesitant about online education and while some scholarships are open to online learners enrolled in accredited programs, some are not.

Students should research beforehand to make absolutely sure they are eligible for a certain scholarship or risk wasting their precious time on an application that will never go through. It would be advised you acquaint yourself with scholarship search engines – which allow students to specify their individual circumstances and get the results that only match their specific criteria.

Anyway, to get you started on the road to getting a grant, here’s an example you might want to check out. The Bemidji State University located in Minnesota offers a wide range of scholarship options for online and distance learning students. These grants are awarded based on both need and merit and if you’re curious you can check out the database for more information.

For example, the university offers the Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship which is worth $1,000 and is targeted at distance learning students with junior or senior status.

Applicants need to be at least 25 years old to apply and have a minimum GPA of at least 3.0. To become eligible for the Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship your application also needs to include an essay in which you talk about your future educational goals and give some reasons as to why you should be awarded the scholarship.

As we mentioned above, the Bemidji State University also offers other scholarship opportunities like the Gladys McKinley Distance Learning scholarship for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in Teacher Education Degree Programs. This grant is also worth $1,000.

For students pursuing a business-related degree or professions, there’s the Michael McKinley Distance Learning scholarship which awards the same $1,000 sum. It’s awarded to students either at an undergraduate or graduate level.

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